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Green Tea Latte

Ever tried the green tea latte from Starbucks? The pukey color had always been a deterrent for me, but I bucked up and gave the iced version the green light last weekend. At first sip, I was struck by a slightly chalky texture, but liked that it was cool and refreshing without giving me the shakes. 

I read online that Starbucks uses a mix powder that contains honeydew concentrate in it, but I was interested in a simpler green tea flavor, so off I went to the Asian market a few blocks from my apartment. By the way, did you know there's a brand of condoms called Kimono? I spotted them next to the soba noodles, found them particularly hilarious, mostly because they made me think of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Toula's father tries to find the Greek root for the word kimono. 

"What does kimono mean? A rrrrrrrobe." Condom? Robe? Get it? It gave me the gigglies.

Anyway, on to aisle two. I came looking for green tea powder, otherwise known as matcha. Or as I like to call it, matcha-matcha-matcha! This little tub cost $10, but should last me quite some time. And considering that any latte at a coffee shop runs around $5, the bottle's paid for itself in only two uses. This is how I justify purchases. I do it often.

The recipe I found uses a pretty basic ingredient list, but I think you could likely adapt to your own tastes since it is quite a lot of sugar for one drink.

1 cup milk (I used light soy) * 1 cup water * 1 tbsp matcha * 2 tbsp sugar

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat, whisking until it's hot and foamy. Next time I make it, I think I'll add more of the matcha powder, as I was hoping for a stronger green tea flavor and I actually missed the pukey green color. And maybe I'll use a little less sugar, though I can't promise anything. Addictions are hard to break.

It's pretty good hot or cold. For summertime, I'll likely make a batch to last two days at night and chill it in a big mason jar in the fridge so it'll be good to go in the morning. Enough of this sweating-over-my-morning-coffee routine. 

Has anyone tried using matcha powder? What else do you use it in?


  1. Jennifer, Ever since living in Japan ages ago, I drink green tea all the time but have never tried matcha. I think I'll try your recipe. How about using agave nectar instead of sugar? It's sweeter than sugar so you can use less but it has a much lower glycemic index and doesn't spike your blood sugar. Agave is a kind of cactus so it adds a southwest twist to your Far East drink. Love you and love your blog, Aunt Renee

  2. Hey Renee!! I have some agave nectar; I think I will give that a try. I made it again today, only using more matcha and less sugar. Still tasted great. I'm sure you could find matcha in Austin, maybe at Central Mkt. or Whole Foods. Love you too!

  3. You have a really nice camera! Great pictures.