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Oldies but Goodies

When I was a kid, my mother used to drag me to Goodwill to scour overcrowded bins for funky housewares and outdated belts and handbags. Mom loved a bargain, and taught me there was no shame in wearing someone else's hand-me-downs, with the exception of anything that has to touch your crotch.

Of course, by the 7th grade I became horrified by the idea that anyone I knew might see me walking into a thrift store. I didn't want anything unique or out of the ordinary. I wanted the same mass-manufactured tight-rolled jeans and Esprit t-shirts as everybody else. If I didn't have a little upside-down triangle on my butt, I would simply curl up and die.

In the last few years, though, I've realized just how cool and special and fun shopping at thrift stores and flea markets can be.

Can't get this stuff at the mall. 

Here are some of my recent thrift store and flea market scores.

White milkglass serving bowl, $8, flea market in upstate New York

Little clay sheep "Sal", $1, garage sale

Ceramic lamp, free, hand-me-down
All framed images (except zebra), $1, thrifted illustration book

Mini green urn, $2.99, thrift store

Blue mason jars, $5 each, upstate flea market

Big initial letters (mine is 'J'; boyfriend is 'V'), $8 each, Brooklyn Flea 

What's been your best thrift or flea market find? 

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  1. i got a great chess set at a flea market in manhattan. $10. great find.