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Party Pics: 2nd Annual Backyard Bday Bash

One year, I believe it was my sixth, my mother threw me the most memorable birthday party a little girl could ever have. My guests were asked to wear their prettiest dress and bring their favorite doll to our house, then we walked arm-in-arm across the street to an elderly neighbor's house. She had a whole room filled with rows of intricately furnished dollhouses, which, in hindsight sounds sort of sad and creepy, but as a 6-year-old girl was like walking straight through heaven's gates. After the tour, we returned to my house where my mother poured Earl Grey into teacups and served us homemade petit fours on real linen.  

My mother's attention to detail made my birthday--and me--feel really, really special. And that's the kind of feeling I like to imbue into my own parties now that I'm one of the grown-ups. My boyfriend and I threw our 2nd annual summer joint birthday party this past weekend, and I had an excellent time planning and participating in it. 

Sprinkles...because life needs more color.

The spread...custom crostini, pasta, and salad bar

Paper fans...it was hot. Like, really hot.

I inadvertently forgot to pick up a "t" for the photo booth sign. It was lovingly referred to as the "Phoo Booth" all day. 

Silliness ensues. Mission accomplished.

The hosts...Vin and Jenn.

Rachel, the pirate princess and Jason, the kooky cowboy.

An intriguing scene.

The Panda. Otherwise known as "The Greatest Cake on Earth". Made with painstaking care by our great friend Rachel.

Everyone was sent home with homemade chocolate and cookie-dipped pretzels. More details to come all this week!

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