{stories and snapshots from my new york city life.}


Bye-Bye July!

When you live in the northeast, you learn to take advantage of beautiful, sun-shiny days when you get them because before you know it, it'll be time to pull out the boots and jackets again. This past weekend was the crown jewel of the summer in terms of weather, and I definitely tried to make the most of it. 


After work, I traveled to Brooklyn for a lovely stroll through Prospect Park. 
I'd never been there before, and was surprised by how big and beautiful it was. 

In the evening, I met up with my boyfriend to catch a show at the park's bandshell. Did you see the Irish indie film Once a few years ago? You didn't?! Please do. It's a beautiful film and features incredible music from the artists "The Swell Season", who we got to watch for only $3!

{Saturday morning}
Saturday morning, I hopped on the train and headed into Manhattan for a walk. It was the first time all summer that the weather wasn't absolutely sweltering and I wanted to take full advantage.
Made my way down Madison Avenue to check out the fancy windows.

Then I walked a few blocks west and found myself in the middle of a street fair.

Even though they always feature the same things--Italian sausage carts, gauzy summer dresses,  and the $4 sock table--I still get excited when I stumble on one of the fairs. 

I enjoyed a yummy crepe for breakfast,
and briefly considered adding more macrame to my wardrobe.

{Saturday afternoon}

My boyfriend and I decided to head back to Brooklyn--this time to Coney Island and Brighton Beach. 

We were not the only ones who thought this was a good idea.

Italian sausage makes a second appearance in my day.

Coney Island is known for attracting some real characters, and this guy definitely qualified.

We actually remembered seeing him a few summers ago in the same spot. 
Those white shoes are hard to forget.
This guy had the crowd mesmerized with his, ummm, interesting dance moves. I spared you the shot where he removed his belt and began sliding his pants off his waist. You, my friend, are welcome.
We couldn't leave without grabbing a bite from Nathan's. You know the place. It's the one that hosts the infamous hot dog eating contest every July 4th. I don't know how those people eat 40-50 hot dogs in one sitting, nor do I want to contemplate what they must feel like after. I paused to evaluate whether I should eat even one corndog. I decided that I should, since I just waited 20 minutes in line to get it. 
New Yorkers may notice that I do not use the phrase "waiting on line". I can't get into it. It's a personal choice.


I do as little as possible on Sundays. I cook, clean and lounge around as long as possible. I only get dressed if it's vitally necessary.
I did find the energy to whip up some delicious blueberry muffins, however.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Coney Island looks so cool and retro - love all the pics of course and shop window pics!!!


  2. ummm can i have your weekend please? this looks like so much fun!! and yum, blueberry muffins! x


  3. love your pictures and your weekend recap!!
    i spent mine in maine for my best friend's wedding, it was beautiful.

  4. oh my goodness, this sounds like an INCREDIBLE weekend!!

  5. O stylish one, come get your award!


  6. Sounds an incredible weekend..
    Love that yellow jacket in the window.. did you buy it?

  7. Lee--definitely did not buy the yellow jacket. It was in the window at Bergdorf's (translation: likely cost more than my rent!). Costs nothing to window-shop though!