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Weekend Recap: Kickin' back in Connecticut

When you live in New York City, surrounded by steel towers and graffiti and smelly garbage bags heaved in the middle of the sidewalk, you begin to crave fresh air and open space like carbs and nicotine. So when our friends invited us to their family's lake house in peaceful, sweet-smelling Connecticut this past weekend, we jumped on the opportunity. 

This is the view from their house. It sure beats the clothesline and brick wall I stare at everyday.

Our hosts wanted to show us around, so we hopped in the car and hit the open, uncongested road.

They drove us to White Silo Winery. I'd never been to a winery before so I was quite interested in the experience.

Before heading inside for a wine tasting, we got to pick fresh berries off the vine. There is something so relaxing and gratifying about picking fresh produce from where it is grown. Maybe I'll be a farmer in my next life. I don't know though; I'd probably have to wake up at the crack of dawn every day. Plus, I look awful in overalls. 

I wish everything was packaged in turquoise crates. Pasta, eggs, a big hunk of feta, anything. They make my day.

We headed inside to pay for our berries, and were greeted by a delicious selection of fruity wines. No grapes are used at this winery--just fresh berries and rhubarb, which we also found growing in the field.

We picked up a bottle of the sweet rhubarb, which I was told would make an excellent spritzer. I, however, have no plans to dilute that bad boy.

Chin, chin. 

So berry good. Had to take it there, sorry.

After the tasting, we headed back in the car to explore more of the area. Don't worry folks; our winery hostess was very conservative with her pours.

New York City has great restaurants and shopping but is severely lacking in the babbling stream arena. 

A day is not complete without a luscious bite of chocolate. Check out those 100% chocolate bowls in the bottom right hand corner. I kinda want one for my bedside table.

Look! More fruit!

Loved this weekend. Life is so sweet.

What were you up to this weekend? 


  1. What a lovely weekend...I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And how beautiful did those berries look! I could have easily eaten five cartons. I spent the weekend entertaining guests!

  2. What beautiful photos! The raspberries look so yummy and fresh :)

  3. Your photos are amazing! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love to go berry picking...those raspberries look really tasty! :)

  4. these pictures are so gorgeous! thank you for visiting my blog!


  5. so fun! I love getting out of the city, although our part of Boston does not feel NYC-cityish. We have good friends we visit often in Queens and she says she's dying to go lay in grass. So funny!

  6. There are so many pretty things to look at in this post! Yummy delicious goodness! :)