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New York Nights: Weekend in Reverse

Sunsets in the city are about more than just aesthetics. Sure, watching sun puncture clouds and reflect off chrome and steel is a pretty sight to see. There is something very romantic about pink and orange slicing through the sky as it shifts from blue to gray to black, like abstract watercolors on the world's largest canvas.

Yup. Sunsets are pretty. It's why people ask for seats by the window and couples get married at dusk. But when the sun disappears in the city, there's more than just a change from light to dark. There's a shift in energy that is pervasive and palpable.

In some towns, nightfall equals goodnight kisses and bedtime stories. In New York City, it means the party's just getting started. Where else can you find people playing chess, reading tarot cards, and throwing beachballs in a public park at midnight?

Saturday Night: Dinner and drinks on the Bowery

It's Fashion Week in New York, and tons of stylists, shoppers, editors and bloggers cruised into town to attend conferences, network, and of course, scoop up a new pair of shoes. This Saturday, I found myself invited to a networking dinner and outing with a passionate and extremely well-dressed group of fashion bloggers.

They wore pretty dresses and shiny shirts.  There were hats and bows and layered bracelets that went clink-clink when cell phones and cameras were put to use. There were designer handbags and vintage belts. There was leather and silk and sequins. There were heels. Lots and lots of heels.

And then there was me.
At a bar called Von with Karlis from Spicy Candy DC and Lynzy who writes From Skirts to Skillets. I'm the gal in the middle, wearing something any fashion blogger would be happy to sport on a weeknight trip to Target. I had a really great time, and it was fun to step out of my comfort zone and go out with a group of ten total strangers.

Flashback to Friday Night:  
When Andi of Tights and Bites asked if I'd attended any of the Fashion's Night Out events the night prior, I had to giggle when I told her how I'd spent my Friday.

When you're with a man whose culinary ambition is to try and find the best burger in the city, your Friday night can be considerably less glamorous than an evening out with the girls. For round one, we hit up Five Guys in Queens, where they use enormous bags of potatoes as decor.

We left when the indigestion kicked in, then took a quick lap around the Home Depot across the street. The things I do for love.

This weekend was the perfect blend of grease and glitz. Wonder where the night will take me next weekend...


  1. I'm totally loving your blog, lady!
    - Caroline

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! 5 Guys is so greasy but it's so good!

  3. i loved meeting you this weekend, and yes it was very brief. if you ever want to meet-up please let me know!

  4. As much as I enjoy the blog, I'm even more amazed by your writing. Your use of casually thrown about metaphors always surprise me when I read them. As well as your alliteration ("grease and glitz", "pervasive and palpable").

    And there's nothing wrong with finding the best burger in the city. But you're barking up the wrong tree at Five Guys. You guys need to check out Donovan's in Woodsite (just off the 7 train).

  5. Great meeting you on Saturday! My husband and I love Five Guys too, and we're always on the prowl for the best burgers in the city. So far, our top faves are The Lion, Landmarc (the one downtown), Burger Joint, and Corner Bistro. I'll stop now, cuz I'm making myself hungry, lol!


  6. AH! Thanks for the burger recommendations, folks! Looks like I may need to go up a pant size at this end of this experiment.

  7. Jenn, I love your blog. Lots of fun to read and it looks like you had a fun weekend. I was really inspired by the photographs throughout your blog. It's definitely something I'm working on improving. You just really capture things nicely.

  8. I agree...sunsets are special. I love the way that everything seems to quiet down during those hours of twilight...very peaceful. And those burgers and fries? Delicious. I'm hungry for a big, juicy burger now!

  9. Oh man, 5 Guys and Home Depot on a friday night is totally (and pathetically) normal for me. I only say pathetic because we don't have an awesome mission like finding the best burger in the city. I totally need a mission now....maybe for milkshakes.

  10. Was that Union Square? I used to have to walk through there on my way to school every day! It's one of my fave spots in the city because there's always something going on! Very cool you got to meet fellow bloggers!

  11. Jenn, I loved this post..."and then there was me" haha you're too funny. I had such a blast with all the girls. I'm so glad we met...def stay in touch! Oh and yes, I get Kate Hudson all the time. Thank you :)


  12. Hi lovely!!! So happy we all got together for a delicious dinner! I only hope that we can do it again in the near future :)