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Autumn in the Northeast: Fun with Food

Know when I realized I was getting old? When I discovered that I get more excited about shopping for housewares than shoes or handbags. It was right around the time I started throwing dinner parties for couples and stopped chatting up strangers in bars. I began swapping recipes with friends instead of party clothes. These days, I spend leisure time reading cookbooks and actually enjoy trips to the grocery store. And now, I find myself pulling off the side of the road to take pictures of fruits and vegetables. Good Lord, what's become of my youth?

Nice stems, huh?

I am drawn like a moth to a flame.

Good gourd--these are awesome!

Caption Contest! (I can't think of anything pithy to write here. You give it a whirl! There is no prize involved. Only glory. And by glory, I mean I'll give you a shout-out in the comments section.)

I can hardly shelve my excitement.

An apple a day keeps the bigger pant size away.

Buckets of fun.

Everything my brother said was true. I really am corny.


  1. i'm totally with you on the getting old thing, all of those things you listed sound like the best fun ever! haha, i'm learning to embrace it and just find more people with similar interests in "boring" things.:) love your pictures!

  2. hahah I'm with you too! Although I can't say my enthusiasm for shoes, handbags, and fashion has waned. My poor piggy bank, from food to fashion, so much on which to spend my pretty pennies! Love your pics :)

  3. Yes, I'm with you too! You can tell I'm growing up when visiting Whole Foods is one of my favorite parts of my weekend. Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful fall produce. The apples were my favorite!

  4. I get made fun of constantly by my friends for my penchant for all things domestic. But screw them! Making my monthly meal plan is secretly exhilerating, from picking new and old recipes to making shopping lists to writing each meal on the dry erase calendar...I am a nerd to the nth degree. No shame!

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  6. Great pictures and growing up happens to us all. Instead of a little black dress I'm now wearing an apron but I make more people happy.

    Plan B

  7. Love the pics! And yes, I knew that I was getting old when my girlfriends and I went on and on about the qualities of "good cling wrap." I mean, really.

  8. I'm totally with you! Isn't it crazy to get so excited about housewares and dinner parties!? Love them! And love your captions...always keeping me entertained!

  9. I can't until my friend catch up to me and want to spend evenings at dinner parties instead of drinking overpriced watered-down junk in bars. Lucky you...
    I get excited about kitchen gadgets and farmer's markets, since I was a kid. My parents always involved me in the kitchen, I guess thats why.

  10. Jenn, I so hear you on this one... I now feel like i'm cheating on fashion with interiors & bakeware!!!
    Great shots as always - and yes, perfect stems!!!

  11. Caption: "The petite pumpkins were smitten with the spaghetti squash and were longing to join them in their bushel-basket-hot-tub of sorts." I know, kinda dumb. But those little pumpkins looked like they were trying to get up in the spaghetti squash's goodies...just sayin'.

    LOVED this post. I to, do the same thing. As much as I love fashion, it has now taken a backseat to my kitchen wares collection. Now, I just grab a few tank tops before I hit the check out at Target and "boom" there's my wardrobe, occasionally worn with pants.