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Autumn in the Northeast: Into the Woods

I wore a plaid blouse yesterday. I matched it with a pleated skirt and thick tights and soft suede boots. It was the kind of outfit October was designed for, the kind I always wanted to wear on the first day of school but didn't because it was still sundress weather. I grew up in coastal Texas, where seasonal changes are marked more by holiday wreaths than dramatic shifts in temperature and fall foliage equates to a spinach salad. Autumn was a mythical period I'd seen in a few movies, a brief but magical time when bulbous orange fruits and piles of brittle, multi-hued leaves blanket the ground and the chilly air smells faintly of apple pie cooling on a windowsill.
I had to see this for myself. So I ran away from home, into the woods of the northeast. 

Everything I'd heard was true. 

The leaves came in every color of the sunset, and clung tight to the long bent arms of the strong, narrow trees.

Some of them couldn't hold on anymore, so they loosened their grips and drifted slowly to the ground.

I kicked the toe of my boot through the piles of fallen leaves and watched them rise and fall like confetti.

 I had finally experienced this mysterious season called autumn. And it was golden.


  1. I love this post! Autumn is so my fave, and I feel for the people who live in climates that don't experience it! It's golden for sure ;)

  2. Fall is becoming my favorite season. I especially appreciate the falling leaves now that I don't have to rake them anymore. Great photos.


  3. I love autumn, but find the sparkle of it so short. Which may be a good thing because it sort of forces us to appreciate it quickly.

  4. Fall is my most favorite time of the year...so here I am in tropical South Florida...that's kind of odd. Not exactly, because I'm a Southern Ohio girl, and I grew up there. Just love the photos you posted, so pretty with all the beuatiful colors of autumn.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, it is greatly appreciated!

  5. You sound just adorable in that outfit. I've just moved back to Texas (after spending my adolescence and young adulthood in CO), and I'm mourning the loss of my favorite season, Fall. Thank you for sharing these pictures though. It transported me!

  6. I do love it when the trees go golden with rich reds and oranges... walking through the park when there are leaves and deer all over the place is something i miss lots when in Greece!

  7. Awww...I loved this. So cozy and fun! I wished you would have included a pic of you in your adorable sounding outfit!

    Ah, yes, I am experiencing the "spinach salad" season- as it were. ugh. Great post, Jenn!

  8. Aww I'm glad that you could finally enjoy our lovely season! Growing up in Massachusetts I love the colors of fall but not the coming season that they signal : ( Your photos are lovely!