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Greetings & Salutations!

I had three New Year's resolutions this year: (1) learn how to make homemade goat cheese, (2) keep my mail from piling up to fire-hazard levels, and (3) try to keep in better touch with people via old-fashioned methods like letters and cards. I have managed to keep only one of these resolutions--making homemade cards--and only partway because there are plenty of people I should have sent a birthday card to over the past few months who got a crummy Facebook message instead. But this weekend I pulled out my pretty papers and ribbons and felt like a schoolgirl doing arts and crafts at the kitchen table.

My friend Aimee (the cutie I threw a shower for), had her baby last week! She and her husband had a gorgeous little girl and named her Sabrina Lucille. Is that not the sweetest name ever? I used a stencil and some scrapbooking pens to make the flower.

My friend Mitch turned 33 last week, and had his thunder stolen by the birth of tiny Sabrina Lucille whose mother selfishly went into labor on his birthday. I shot for modern and masculine with this one, with beige and orange die-cuts and some graphic ribbon.

And since I had all my crafting gear spread out on the table, I jumped the shark and made a birthday card for my best friend's daughter Allison, who turns two on Halloween. I'm not too worried about posting this weeks before sending it as I've gotten no indication from my friend that she reads my blog, and I don't think her daughter checks the Internet yet. All the child development books I've read indicate that happens in year three. 

If you have any good examples of homemade cards, send them my way! I'm always strapped for ideas.


  1. I love a good bit of craftista, these cards are gorgeous!
    There's loads of amazing blogs which feature graphics and cards and also Etsy have the best handmade cards!
    I'm not on my usual laptop but will send some links next time!

  2. I love your 3rd resolution- it's a personal goal of mine as well! And you're so just stinkin' creative! I cannot wait to see how your spooky supper turns out!!! Althought I'm sure you'll come up with something entirely cooler, I'll post pics of my Halloween party soon! Just maybe it will give you a bit of inspiration ;)

  3. I'm impressed you were able to keep ANY of your resolutions - I don't think I can even recall mine!
    Precious cards, and GORGEOUS handwriting!

  4. Gorgeous work! Are you well acquainted with my BFF Paper Source? I just checked online and realized you don't have them in NY (though apparently a Brooklyn store is on the way!!!!!!), but you should order some craft supplies from them online in the interim. Their stuff is AMAZING. www.paper-source.com

    So what happened with the goat cheese resolution?

  5. these are so gorgeous!! i am in love with how good they look.

  6. Oh, Jenn...okay, let's mark up another thing we have in common- crafty cardmaking. I used to sell them at the salon I was a hairdresser at for an extremely low price, so low I couldn't keep up and make a profit. You know...that 'ol chestnut, hairdresser/cardcrafter.

    Ideas? Well, I totally agree with Victoria up there on Paper Source - i die. forget any savings and just blow it all there. Also, something new, (I don't know if you have an Aaron's Brother art/framing store there in NY) but, they have a new section in their store that is all paper art stuff. Inks, papers, really cool graphic embossing, rub-ons,etc. but not nerdy stuff. Really chic.

    I like doing collage cards. I have a fetish for cutting stuff out of magazines and making weird cards with them. Bright colors and mainly revolving aroud fashion. Just fun cards that you can use for anything.

    Anyway, I love your cards and I think its such a great new year's resolution. It's one I've tired to enforce on myself as well. I do tire of the emails and facebook messages. There is absolutely nothing like a handmade card or handwritten letter to make someone feel super loved. Fab job, girl!

  7. I've never used Paper Source, but there is an incredible paper store here in NY called Paper Presentation (I believe you can shop online at paperpresentation.com as well). I can spent $60 there in 10 minutes. It is frightening.

  8. I am cracking up at your blog profile, it's adorable! I know...I just turned 3-5 and life is SO different compared to 25. In a good way though :) GREAT job on the craftsmanship here!

  9. Beautiful cards! I've been writing more letters since I moved, and I was actually planning on making a set of cards over the weekend. I'm going to be saving this page for some ideas! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, love!

  10. Thank you very much for my card Jenn. As much as I loved it, I think you may have overthought the color pallete for one with my condition but it was whole-heartedly appreciated.

    In other news, in cleaning Aubrey's house, we found some sort of craft box for pressing flowers and other stuff I'm sure I know nothing about. We put it off to the side and it's 100% yours if you'd like it.

  11. Mitch, I totally forgot you were color-blind. Next time you get pink ribbon because I have a surplus of it:) I gratefully accept your flower-pressing mechanism and thank you greatly!

  12. I love cards, notes and hand written letters and the ones you created here are fanstatic...a gift in and of itself!