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Halloween Help!!

I have a major problem, y'all. I don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween. Okay, maybe it's not a major problem, more like a very minor snafu, considering I'm hosting a Halloween dinner and costume contest on Sunday. Here's the thing with me and costumes: I'm sort of not willing to spend more than 10 bucks on them and I try to use things I already have.

That includes: 
* a cowboy hat and boots
* crutches and/or cane
* several bridesmaid and formal dresses
* Mardi Gras mask

So far I've come up with Dolly Parton from the 1970s or an accident-prone prom queen. These ideas suck. Please help. There's a bucket full of Dum-Dums and Kit-Kats in it for you.


  1. Hmmm...mardi gras masks and formal dresses. I'm picturing some sort of dressed up phantom. More specifically I'm thinking of the masquerade party in Phantom of the Opera.


    If it makes you feel better, I still have no idea what I am going to be!!

  2. A group of us are all dressing as animals - using what we can muster from our closets and face paint and then are putting party hats and other party paraphernalia with our costumes. Animals + party gear = party animals! ahahha! Good luck i'm sure you'll be fab!
    xo tash

  3. Oh goodness...I would help, but I am the WORST at costumes. I actually don't dress up anymore because mine were consistently bad/embarrassing for a number of years. I know you will pull something off though!

  4. dolly parton would actually be SO funny! - DO IT!!!!

    *kiss kiss*

    PS - spreading the word - come one come all and
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  5. Does one of your formals resemble anything like a wedding dress? Could you pair it with the cowboy boots, and go as Sissy from Urban Cowboy (a fave flick of mine)? "But, Momma, my legs are sweatin'"
    Then again, would anyone "get it?"

  6. Dude, throw some green night cream on your face, put your hair in curlers, get a doll, a cigarette and a bottle of booze and be a 60's housewife.

    And um, I'd pay to see you be Dolly Parton.

  7. Every year my kids do the same thing to me, wait till the last minute to decide! I feel your pain. I agree with just finding something in the closet. I like the animal idea, I will take on of the girls headbands wrap it in ribbon and glue peacock feathers on it and have them wear teal. Or something along those lines!

  8. Count me in as someone who thinks the 70's Dolly Parton sounds pretty awesome! I don't want to spend a lot either so I'm throwing on a ton of jewelry, a beret, and a fake fur coat and calling myself Rachel Zoe. And since I have to carry my baby she's going as a banana. Kind of dorky but inexpensive!

  9. well, what could be lazier and more cheap than dressing up all three of your kids as pirates, drawing on moustaches with kohl eye liner and slapping a bandana on each of their heads? I'd say you're doing pretty good.

    I see the suburb experiment up there is going as Rachel Zoe, and if you guys aren't going to the same party, I think you would make an awesome RZ. I die.

  10. We were gonna do Rachel and Brad, but I don't have the clothes to support that choice. I am tickled that someone suggested Sissy from Urban Cowboy as that's one of my favorite movies too! I think I know what I'm gonna do, but I'll keep it under wraps till Halloween. Thanks for the tips!

  11. So..what did you end up transforming into?? Happy Monday! XOXO