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A Kid-Friendly Halloween Dinner

I consulted with my team (ie: I talked to myself) and decided that this is officially Halloween Week over at Much To My Delight. That's right: I italicized. First stop: A festive family dinner by candlelight. Because I went a little nuts decorating the apartment for Halloween (pics to come), we decided to show off our lair and invite some people over. And who better to appreciate skulls on cake stands and bats strung up from the ceiling than small, innocent children? 

First thing we did was light about a dozen candles to set the mood. Nephew Ethan had a great time slaying the fire with a breadstick, which his mom described as some sort of reference to Harry Potter and his wand. Kids are so creative. Speaking of, niece Reese managed to find an entirely unique purpose for the useless support pole in my bedroom. The game "Fireman's Pole" will forever be a party standby at our residence. 

This is the cat-shaped appetizer we set out with a bowl of white bean dip. We named her Crudite'. Vinny's dad guessed that this was a giraffe. He has not been to the Bronx Zoo in some time.

The Menu:

-Drumsticks and wings rolled in panko breadcrumbs, garlic, and paprika
-Baked potatoes with all the fixins
-Roasted brussel sprouts, parsnips, delicata squash and turnips with thyme

We offered "Skull in a Bowl" as an amuse buche. Everyone's buche was quite amused.

Note to self: Kids are so not into root vegetables. 

DIY fixin's for baked potatoes. Cause everything's better with cheddar bacon. 

Vin's family loves ice cream cakes from Carvel (who doesn't?), so I made my own, complete with crunchies. Unfortunately I forgot to show the finished version with the Jack-O'-Lantern face. Boo!

We ate, we drank, we watched the Yankee game. Party was over when the kids began begging their parents to take them home, which I interpreted as "This place is just way too creepy and scary for me to withstand any longer" and made me feel great about the decorating I had done. It was either that or the copious lack of Spongebob paraphernalia.

Check back tomorrow...we're making Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! 


  1. Love that it's Halloween week at Much to my Delight! This week I'm going to finally get around to posting my Halloween DIY's and dessert recipes! Can't wait to see more pics of your ghoulish decor! p.s. Totally got the cat..not the giraffe hahah

  2. "Vinny's dad guessed that this was a giraffe. He has not been to the Bronx Zoo in some time."

    Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

    Crudite' looks somewhat emaciated, though very delicious. Mayhaps an extra slather of white bean dip on those celery sticks will do the trick.

  3. I love Halloween! Can't wait to see what you have lined up for Halloween Week!

  4. Great ideas...can't wait for the pumpkin whoopie pies!

  5. This is getting me in the mood, I'm slacking and still haven't gotten down my decs.

  6. What a lovely way to celebrate all of the ghoulish goodness of October! Your vegetable creation is beyond adorable...as was the rest of your meal. Don't you just love orange-dyed oreos? I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to more fall recipes!

  7. Hahaha Amused buches...awesome.

    I LOVE when people get into Halloween, it's my fave. I'm totally slacking this year, I've got nothing creepy going on yet.