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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Did you guys catch Martha Stewart on Oprah last week? That girl cracks me up. Near the end of the show, after making the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches known to man, she gifted O with a huge gift basket filled with crafting products, homemade apricot preserves and a tiny jar of honey extracted from her own bees. It's like she wants SNL to do another skit about her.

Despite sometimes feeling like Martha is from another planet, one where women grow seven types of lettuce in their backyards and handcraft their wedding gowns out of doilies, most of the recipes from her magazine, website and cookbooks are actually pretty down-to-earth and utterly do-able. Take these pumpkin whoopie pies, for example. Just the fact that she says whoopie makes Martha feel more like a citizen of Earth.

All of fall's favorites represented--cinnamon, allspice and ginger. 

Pumpkin, brown sugar and vanilla...it's starting to smell good in here!

Drop cookie dough in even amounts since they'll be pressed into little sandwiches later. 

I didn't have any official pastry bags around, so I just used a ziploc and cut a hole in the end to fill the cookies. It was a mistake. My arm is still sticky two days later.

These are perfect for any Halloween gathering, fall feast, or as I can attest...breakfast. Is that wrong?

Continuing Halloween Week, tomorrow I'll show you how I've decked out my apartment for the holiday. It's super scary...and not just because of the growing mound of clothes beside my bed.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see the decor! And yes, the day after I posted about her...speak of the devil...I saw her on Oprah. That woman is gosh darn brilliant, albeit from another planet, but brilliant. She even mastered folding a fitted sheet?

    May I have a whoopie pie please? Looks so delicious! Like Fall in a dessert!

  2. My favorite was when Martha called Oprah out on not visiting her in prison. They are both ridiculous. But I love a good whoopie pie. And yours look delish, and the food styling is awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness these look so delish. Martha just annoys me, every craft I try to do from her never turns out. It's just not fair how crafty she is.

  4. So funny...that woman makes me laugh...always. Your whoopie pies turned out beautifully! I wanted to make some myself, but I think I'll just enjoy yours vicariously. I adore pumpkin, and who doesn't love a good whoopie pie? Thanks for sharing love!

  5. My mom always mad the BEST whoopie pies AND pumpkin bars. How awesome is this that they have come together for a whole new WOW factor!! LOVE. Copy/paste!! Thanks :) XO

  6. Yummy!!! Will have to give that one a try

  7. i love whoopie pies and a pumpkin one sounds really divine. would love to give this a shot. thanks for sharing.

  8. Simply MUST try making whoopies!
    (Ha! I crack myself up!)

  9. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I love hearing from new readers! I love this post (loving everything pumpkin these days) & thinking I should give this recipe a try. Great blog! ~Lisa

  10. yummm! i love whoopie pies, wonderful idea to make a pumpkin version! delicious.:)

  11. I am loving all of your Halloween ideas and decorations... these whoopie pies look delicious! Yes, I have quite the love/hate with Martha. On the one hand she is fabulous. On the other, she is the most ridiculous person ever. My favorite was a 4th of July spread where she gave an example of "how to decorate your gazebo." UMMM gazebo??? How many people do you think have their very own gazebo? Come down to earth Martha...

  12. oh my, these look delicious! i must gather the ingredients this weekend and make.