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This Week's Delights

Hooray! It's almost weekend time. I love weekends. I can drink coffee in my underwear and watch Top Model marathons. I'm especially looking forward to this weekend, as I have some major chillaxin' on deck with some super fun friends. I like them so much, I'll even put pants on to hang out with them. But only if they have an elastic waistband. 

Here are the things that delighted me this week:

* The floral artistry on this brownstone's front steps. Walking by I could picture myself nurturing those beautiful blooms with a long-necked crystal watering can and a bluebird singing on my shoulder. 

* Getting psyched for my Halloween dinner by scoping out these awesome party ideas from Save the Date for Cupcakes and My Cup of Te.

*This kooky picture I took in front of the Madison Avenue Versace store. There are so many iconic and glamorous images in this photo, and then dorky me in the college t-shirt gets caught in the reflection. 

*The simple joy of passing a stunning ice-blonde model in riding boots and cashmere picking her perfect aqualine nose.
* I don't know squat about greenery, but if I'm not mistaken, is that a cherry blossom tree in October?

* These ridiculously chic ideas for super-cool Halloween costumes using clothing items from your own closet. 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh, Jenn. How have I not seen your blog sooner? I love it! Count me in as a new fan. :)

    And, I laughed out loud at your comment about the GloBalls on my blog. Too funny!

  2. How lovely is the artistic floralness??? I always get giddy when I see something so bold, colourful and pretty on the streets/outside peoples homes!

  3. The model picking her nose! That is hilarious!

  4. just found your blog... your newest follower! have a great weekend!

  5. That DOES look a lot like cherry blossoms - huh? And yeah, that brownstone's stoop is enviable *sigh* for Fall (It's becoming Summer down here in South America, ya know?)
    Sooooo....I'm guessing, based on your comment to my post, that you're a UT alum? Love me some Horns!!

  6. Haha the model picking her nose..makes me feel a bit better about myself! And friends you're willing to get dressed for on the weekend?! They must be seriously fabulous. My friends dont warrant that kind of behavior : )


    Ps- Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could check yours out! I'm your newest Bloglovin follower!

  7. See, this is why I can't wait to have my own place! I WILL NEVER WEAR TROUSERS!!

  8. Can I please come over to watch Top Model with you! I love weekends too...and I love visiting your blog. Thank you for reminding me to remember all the moments and images that delighted me throughout my week. You are a blessing in mine!

  9. I'm loving all the greenery! great photos girly x


  10. I was roaring with laughter just as your 1st paragraph! You are so funny :) Glad I stopped by, have a great Sunday!

  11. Oh Jenn! I love your stuff! I love your dorky t-shirt and that you watch top model marathons...regardless of the goat cheese thing, we are still bloggy soulmates.

    my husband always will ask me, " haven't you seen that one before?" (talkin' about the Top Model thing) I just stay focused and "shush" him. He then rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. I don't know why I love that stupid show so much and can watch it countless times...especially eating snacks in elastic band pants and complaining that the models are too skinny - to make myself feel better.

    I love coming to your place, as in blog. I feel like I fit right in over here. If I were closer to NYC we could go and have coffee and girly muffins...or petit fours:)

  12. Um is it weird that I not only write books on my blog but on your's too?

    Firstly, talking about eating hats with fondant...thank you for your unbelievably sweet commnet Jenn! wow. It made me feel so incredibly good. thank you , muwahh!

    I would love to meet you if you came to H-town! That is so crazy! I cannot believe all that we have in common! let me know when your coming down. I know of a great little place that has super delish food and then we could go antique-ing/ thrifting...k?

  13. That brownstone's steps are gorgeous. And the way you described the model and her nose - too funny!

  14. stunning photos are always:) and you are so funny... thank you for visiting my blog. have a nice day.

  15. Yay for the shoutout :) :) Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Love those Halloween ideas. Are you dressing up? I'm dying to be the Mad Hatter..in a tutu of course haha

  16. wow, i am totally envious of those planters! i could never pull that off! love your pictures (and the model comment!)

  17. Aww~ thanks for the mention! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween!