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Holiday 2010: It's Go Time.

I really, really like the holiday season. Especially in New York City, where tossing the word 'magical' around is completely appropriate. The shop windows, the Rockefeller Tree, the ice skating rink in Central Park--it truly is a spectacular time to be in the city. Still, the pragmatist in me can't help being just a smidge put-out by the crazy jump in tourist traffic and the unending barrage of commercials insisting that we fill our houses with more and more stuff. There's a lot of pressure to create one perfect, joyful, toy-filled day, and truthfully, I could sorta care less about the presents. I live far from my family, and spending quality time with them is truly the only thing on my wish list for the holidays. Wow, that was sappy.

Naturally, I won't show up to their houses empty-handed, but gifts won't be the emphasis of the holiday for us, because I don't want to spend the entire season in a mall. I want to spend it doing stuff like this.

1. Picking out a cute little tree with my boyfriend:

{Clearly, I take tree shopping very seriously.}

{We've got ourselves a keeper!}

2. Indulging in delicious baked goods 

{Hello heaven. I had no idea I'd be meeting you so soon.}

{I'm taking a pass on the pumpkin.}

{It's officially chocolate time. Whipped cream included. Well, not exactly included. They actually charged me 40 cents extra for it. I would have paid 80. Suckers!}

3. Tripping over small children at an ice skating rink:

{Dorothy Hamill--eat your heart out. Small children--use your peripheral vision. You're gonna need it.}

How'd you guys kick off the official start to the holiday season? 


  1. i watched the parade in times sq and did a lot of cleaning, cooking and crafting. pretty much didnt leave the apartment, it was kind of nice. cant wait to get my tree next weekend though!


  2. We almost got our tree yesterday and then crapped out because we had bought pillows (pillows!) and couldn't carry any more. Wah-wah. Next weekend though! And let's get to holiday cookie and coffee drink sharin'!

  3. Your tree buying outfit is drool worthy!

  4. The Hubster busted out the Dean Martin, and we put out our little festive, Latin American tree. That's 'bout it, cuz in two+ weeeks, we're headin' to Tejas - woo hooooo!!!

  5. The pic of you holding the tree is great!! I'm with DanielleIsNesting that your outfit is drool-worthy. :)

  6. Thanks for the clothing compliments, ladies! I very rarely post pictures of myself on here, so it's nice to get a thumbs up!

  7. A few years ago my husband and I were in New York in late November. It truly was magical! I love NY at any time of year, but pre-Christmas is a glorious time to visit.

  8. i love this! you look like an excellent tree hunter! :) i'm sure it's a beautiful time to be in ny!

  9. You are too adorable, and your tree...just perfect! I love the holiday season too, and I'm so excited to start holiday baking and decorating. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

  10. I commend you for getting a live tree. I've been relying on my trusty faux tree (with lights pre-attached) for the last 5 years. Just plug it in and go, lol!


  11. I caught a dreadful cold in NYC so nothing yet...first order of business find a christmas tree!! Looks like a wonderful day :)

  12. Perfect little tree! You're clearly in the christmas spirit :) And now you've got me in the mood for downing a can of whipped cream. Our holiday weekend was devoted to toting the baby to 16 different houses and then cleaning the old lady perfume smell from him. Festive!