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NYC Window Shopping

I'm pretty much finished with shopping, but if you're still searching for that perfect trinket for cousin Sally and Uncle Joe-Bob, why dontcha take a break from the mall and head to Manhattan's famed 5th Avenue for a little shopping? All you'll need are a big furry hat, a pair of fingerless texting gloves and two fistfuls of hundred dollar bills. Or, you could just relax in front of your computer and do a little virtual window shopping, completely free of charge (though you're free to tip your guide after the tour. I hear she likes lollipops and expensive coffee drinks.)

The stores really go above and beyond to make an impact. Love this huge bow.

And a glowing belt buckle! How awesome is that? Think they make one in my size?

Naturally the Mikimoto store features garlands with enormous pearls. So, so pretty.

Tiffany's keeps it classic with their trademark red ribbon Christmas decor.

Henri Bendel is magical without the Christmas decorations, but becomes truly ethereal with these floating ballerinas strung up all over the store. 

The best windows (in my opinion) are always at Bergdorf Goodman's. They are wildly imaginative, outrageous and magical.

How amazing is this?

This was my favorite. Unbelievable.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour today. You can see yourself out. The subway's to the left; the bus is to the right. Don't forget to pick up an "I heart NYC t-shirt" before the train leaves the station. 


  1. There is nothing like Christmas in NYC virtually or in real life. Awesome.

    Merry Christmas to you.


  2. I agree re: Bergdorf's window displays. Did you see the big feature in this month's Lonny mag about how they put them together? http://www.lonnymag.com/issues/12-december-2010/pages/1#p25
    So incredible.

  3. Goodness...Christmas in NYC. This is one thing that I need to experience in the very near future! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. Have a beauty-filled Tuesday!

  4. Oh yay! Great minds think alike eh?! Loving the close up detail! Oh how i'd love to be in NYC! These guys who carried out the VM did such an amazing job!


  5. I reeeeeeeeeally want to get to NYC during the holidays just so I can see the window displays!

  6. Sounds like a fab way to shop and it didn't cost me anything! Hoping you and your family Happy Holidays!

  7. Thank you for sharing the pictures :) They're beautiful! And magical.
    I know what you mean by 'fistful of hundreds'...I feel that way when I'm in the Maiden Lane in San Francisco.

  8. i love how pretty how pictures are... happy holidays!

  9. Christmas in NYC is my favorite time of year and they have the best window displays!

  10. It's really great to be a tourist in your own town once in a while. I grew up in Queens & love going into "the city" but I still have never really taken full advantage of all the crazy cool stuff the city offers. Life-time residents rarely do lol.

    thanks for the tour!