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7 Things You Just Gotta Know About Me

My blogger friend Victoria from Vmac & Cheese tagged me for a stylish blogger award. As such, I was instructed to share seven fun facts about myself. I happily accepted my award on my own behalf and obliged her request because when your job is to listen to other people all day long, you take any opportunity possible to actually talk about yourself. Here are a few utterly fascinating facts about the writer of this blog.

1. I was one of the daters on that terrible Elimi-date show about six or seven years ago. I tried out as a joke and was flummoxed when they picked me. I quit in round 3 when I could no longer tolerate the drunken douche-nozzle they were trying to pawn off on us. Also, one of the girls I was "competing" against insinuated that I was dressed like a librarian. I resembled that remark.

2. It has been brought to my attention that not only do I stick my tongue out whenever I'm thinking really hard, but I also sing every time I go to the bathroom to pee.

3. I'm in month three of wearing Invisalign braces (couldn't see 'em, could ya?!). At least once a week I have a dream in which my treatment ends and I discover that my teeth shifted in the wrong direction.

4. In fourth grade, a fork got stuck on my lip while eating in the school cafeteria. The red light was on, which meant that all the children in the room were instructed to be silent while eating. I had to subtly flag the assistant principal over to my seat so he could assist me in prying a metal utensil off of my face while the entire grade watched in amazement amusement.

5. Every time I accompany my boyfriend to Home Depot, I steal a paint sample in nearly every color even though I have no plans to paint anything.

6. I have fallen asleep during roughly 85% of the movies I've ever watched and 65% of the television programs that lasted more than an hour. I fell asleep while watching Stomp, a musical in which people bang on metal garbage can lids and mash broomsticks into the wooden floor. When it's past my bedtime, it's past my bedtime and my body responds accordingly.

7. I'm a scrapbooker. There, I said it.

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  1. I've enjoyed this little stylish blogger thing that has been going around only because I feel like I've gotten to know the bloggers I follow so much better. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I was making the transition from baby teeth to the big 'uns I had sizeable a space between my two front teeth - I once got a metal fork stuck in there. It took a long time and a lot of hands on my forehead to get it out. There was much amazement/amusement at that event also.

  3. love this. #6 is me too! and as for #4... how does a fork get stuck to one's lip? and did you go to a catholic school where you dined under the church?! (me too!)

    **HUGE giveaway!**

  4. I laughed out loud the entire way through this.

    I have also fallen asleep at operas, musicals, and slept through a hotel fire alarm. So even though my body thinks it's doing right by me by keeping me comatose, I really can be my own worst enemy.

    Also, is this ElimDate epi floating around the Internet anywhere? This is a must see.

  5. Congrats to you doll!
    Ha ha, These are such interesting fact about you Jenn! There used to be a UK version of that dating program called 'Blind Date' - it was awesome!

    Exactly how did you get a fork stuck on your lip lady??? I amazed!

    Wow, thank you so much for the honour hun!


  6. Jenn! I loved this. I was cracking up. Girl, you are so adorable. I love the singing while peeing bit. Awesome. I too am a fellow, clonker-outter during movies and too-long t.v. shows. There are so many movies out there that I have no idea how they ended!

  7. At least it wasn't Singled Out. That show was god-awful. Or Studs...remember that show??? Terrible. Anyway, dude, thanks for the award. It's nice to be liked. And um, you scrapbook? I wanna see! And I like the phrase, I resemble that remark. I think it's clever. I need to try to remember to use it someday.

  8. Ha - funny things...douche nozzle...and also - I have slight narcolepsy as well. I can fall asleep anywhere and it's actually a fantastic quality

  9. omg I would probs do the same thing, sign up for a show I don't really want to be on! haha. nice to learn some things about oyu x

  10. This was such a joy to read! you are just too adorable...and like you, paint chips keep me happy when I have to go to Home Depot. I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I can't believe the weekend is almost here! Thank you for sharing, my friend. Many hugs from Austin!

  11. My hubs sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating too!

  12. Hahaha! You're answers were too funny, and now you have to post a clip from Elimidate... and explain how you got a fork stuck to your lip.