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Take a Bite Out of Bare Burger

When I was a kid, I thought my dad's burgers were the absolute best. Truth be told, I still kinda do, but I am willing to go out on a limb and try OPB's from time to time (OPB being "other people's burgers"). Saturday, Vin and I went out with our friends Pete and Brenda to a popular burger spot a few blocks from our apartment called Bare Burger.

They do not serve bear burgers there, despite the fake bear heads peppering the walls. They do however serve elk, turkey, bison, lamb and ostrich burgers in addition to BOB (boring ol' beef). They were all out of elk on our visit, which really disappointed Pete. We all hate when places run out of elk. It's a real bummer. What's a Saturday night without elk??

One of the major hallmarks of Bare Burger is that everything served there--from meat and lettuce to beer and soda--is organic. Brenda tried an organic blueberry soda. She didn't let me try it, but she spilled it across the table toward the end of the meal and it smelled terrific! I had something called "ginger brew" and the next time I get a head cold, I know exactly what I'm reaching for. The back of my throat is still tingling from that thing. Very interesting and extremely ginger-y.

We all took our sweet time with the menu as there were lots of really unique combos (I almost went for the Maui Wowie with smoked mozzarella, pineapple and canadian bacon) but ultimately went pretty basic with the Original Bareburger (colby, lettuce, red onion and special sauce). I ordered bison meat as it's super lean and therefore negates the fact that its fate is to be covered in cheese and special sauce. It was a tasty sucker, but the brioche bun it came on really couldn't stand up to the toppings and basically deteriorated before my eyes. Wah, wah.

Vin went all out and ordered the Western which came with applewood smoked bacon, pepper jack, fried onions, cole slaw and peppercorn sauce. Then he asked them to throw a fried egg on it. Then his head spun around three times and he rubbed his belly with great pride and pleasure. Nothing makes that boy happier than a good burger.

We also split an order of onion rings and fries which came with 5 unique sauces--curry ketchup, spicy chipotle mayo, peppercorn steak sauce, spicy ranch and their house special sauce. These were great onion rings--super crispy and not greasy at all. I was partial to the chipotle mayo and the spicy ranch, so I dumped all the extras in my handbag before we left. The dry cleaner says it should be all patched up and smelling like normal by Tuesday.

Pete suggested Vin use an onion ring as a monocle. Who am I to judge OPE (other peoples' eyewear)? 

If you're looking for a good (organic!) burger with tons and tons of options for toppings, Bare Burger is definitely worth trying. The location is cozy and industrial-chic. We went to the Astoria location at 33-21 31st Avenue, but there are also two additional restaurants in Manhattan. 


  1. Sounds quite yummy, I have yet to try any burger other then a BOB burber. I need to venture out

  2. I love a good onion ring monacle. Really classes up an outfit.

    We have a pretty awesome restaurant round here that's famous for it's non-BOB meats. I think the furthest I've ventured though is bison. Because when I want a burger, I kinda want it to taste like a cow. I only go so far.

  3. i have heard great things about this place!

  4. Those onion rings look incredible. I had an ostrich burger last year but have never had elk. Must find!

  5. Sounds like a great place - my husband would absolutely love it!!

  6. Great eats Jenn! You've classed up my brother's fast-food and entemann's ways.

  7. omg these burgers look delicious - that bear is a little scary but I like it!