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This Month's Delights: March 2011

Whoever said March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb didn't travel to the East Coast this past month. Mother Nature--if you're listening--I hate to rush your work but if you could throw some warmth and sun and maybe even a few blades of grass our way, it would really improve the general mood of the Northeastern people.

Still, as chilly and unpredictable as the weather has been, March offered ample warmth courtesy of good friends and satisfying meals. Here are the highlights of the past 31 days:

 {Spring Training Wheels (can you find the rubber ducky?)}

In a nutshell, I ate a lot this month. Like, a lot. I don't know what it is about cold weather, but I ate like an animal in a cave who didn't know when its next meal was coming. Hell, I'm eating right now. Someone pass me a wet nap so I don't get gravy all over my keyboard.

My cute little Queens neighborhood is well known for its deliciously diverse selection of food, so I made a point to try some local Astoria spots to avoid schlepping into the city in 30-degree weather support local businesses. First up was Linn Sushi, which is a five minute walk from my house and has a great reputation for awesome sushi. It didn't disappoint and the atmosphere is very hip--like an art gallery and sushi spot rolled into one (no nori paper required). We also hit Fatty's Cafe a few blocks over, which had the best guacamole I've had in a LONG time. Made my Texas heart swell.

But the best restaurant I tried this month was in the West Village. I hate that I don't have photos (dim and romantic= bad photos), but you'll have to trust me when I say that The Place is an absolute gem. The restaurant is dark and cozy and perfect for a special night with someone you don't mind brushing knees with. And the food...child! You've gotta try the duck confit over white bean ragout appetizer. It was out of this world.

Speaking of white beans...{White bean dip with caramelized onions}

Still, the most special meals are always the ones shared with friends in their homes. There's no 1/2-hour wait and you're always guaranteed good food that was prepared with love.

{Seared tuna with peppercorns over arugula with parmesan and lemon vinaigrette}

Dinner at my friends Jen and Jackie's house always promises fresh gourmet food, good talks, lots of laughs (Jen is really quite funny) and plenty of cute servingware. How cute are their plates? I love them.

Know what I also love? Lazy-day brunches at Aimee's house, complete with friends, food, coffee, and several unreasonably adorable children.

Speaking of romance, I also had a very special interlude this month...with a doughnut. Its name was Coconut Cream and I haven't experienced a crush like this since Kirk Cameron. If you're ever in NYC, a trip to the Doughnut Plant will not be a disappointment. 

Plus, you can check out the infamous Hotel Chelsea right next door once you've wiped the glaze off your teeth and the flaky coconut from your lap. It's on the historic register and has been home to legendary musicians, artists and writers including Mark Twain, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, and Dylan Thomas.

There's a large papier-mache woman suspended on a swing from the ceiling. Don't see that everyday!

Or this! Seriously, how cool is this billboard? I wonder who paid for it.

Or this strange art exhibit in Chelsea. I wonder who would pay for that. 

Another thing that brightened my March was being greeted with fresh flowers by a considerate man who could tell by my voice on the phone that I'd had a bad day.

I returned the favor the next day (when I could tell he'd had a no-good day) with some treats from Alice's Tea Cup. I'm especially fond of Vin's Victor/Victoria presentation job. 

These scones from Alice's were lovely too, and if I knew her address, I'd send a basket full of them to Monet, whose month has unfortunately been a time of inexplicable grief and sadness. I'd also send them to my former co-worker Yoshi in Japan to share with his gorgeous wife and adorable twin daughters.

As much fun as I have in NYC, I never pass up an opportunity to get out of it. And the grand finale in March was an extra awesome road trip with my best pal.

We really needed a break from the city, so we rode out of town like lions. 

Check back Monday to see if we came back as lambs:)


  1. I have to tell you, I adore your blog. Your style of writing is so much fun to read, I often laugh out loud. I have eaten my way through Manhattan in the past month as well, because hey, if it's warm out, I want a meal outside, and if it's cold out, I want to visit all my favorite cold weather meal spots before summer hits. I'm gluttonous and I am alright with that.

  2. Thank you, Lauren! That comment made my day:)

  3. Wow! You haven't let the cold March weather slow you down! There's nothing like good food and great friends to warm us from the inside out :-)

  4. Gorgeous. I'm dying to get back to New York!

  5. Firstly, your man is super mysterious, standing in doorways of cool hotels...and cute.

    Secondly, I mean, comparing doughnut-love to a Kirk Cameron crush, well, that's some serious true love.

    And thirdly, I just love your blog. I know I tell you that a lot, but I just like telling you.

    P.s. Don't think I've forgotten about some peanut butter somethings... I laid awake for 10 minutes (that's a long time for this tired mama) thinking about deep frying peanut butter inside dough balls and fearful they may explode on me. But we won't know until we try it, will we? Wish me luck and have a great little getaway!

  6. Such a fun post! Sounds like you've got some amazing eateries in and around your neighborhood - and how cool that that extra special donut place is right next to the Chelsea Hotel - I've always thought that would be a cool place to check out!

  7. OMG I didnt realize you were such a drop dead gorgeous lady!

    And I would love to try duck confit over white bean ragout!

  8. This the first time I visit your blog and will not be my last. I enjoyed reading your post. Your are very beautiful!

  9. Love all of your photos, the bike one especially. I can't believe how perfectly those two cupcakes match up, either. If they're that good at decorating them they must taste fantastic! That white bean caramelized onion dip sounds amazing, too. Might have to try and recreate that in my own kitchen :o)

  10. I've walked by The Place a hundred times but have never been in for a full meal. I'm definitely swinging by - I adore duck confit...

  11. Yes...you are stunning, and you make me want to go back to NYC. Thank you for sharing with me tonight. After such a difficult week, it has been so refreshing to return to the blogs (and bloggers) that I love. I hope you have a blessed Sunday, sweet girl!