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The Bed and Breakfast: When Two Favorites Combine

When I was 15, my family stayed at a bed and breakfast in Colorado. At the time I remember thinking, "Ugh, I want to stay at a Hilton with vending machines and a pool, not some prissy Victorian house with doily curtains and floral wallpaper." I wasn't keen on the idea of sharing a house with a bunch of people I didn't know, and certainly didn't want to eat breakfast in front of a group of strangers. What if I still had Clearasil on my chin from the night before?

Once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised. There were freshly baked cookies and teas laid out for us after a day of skiing. The house was really lovely with lots of skylights and plants--much prettier than any hotel room I'd seen. And turns out, talking to strangers from other parts of the country wasn't even all that bad. Over breakfast I met an artist who was trying to collect enough underwear to string across the Grand Canyon, and in the evening I met a super-cute 17-year-old pianist from New Orleans. We made out. Don't tell my dad. 

Since then, I've had a very positive association with bed and breakfasts and have made an effort to stay in them when possible. On our trip to Amish Country, we stayed in a fantastic B&B called the Amethyst Inn, which is part of the Adamstown Inns and Cottages.

Unfortunately, it was still a little too cold to spend time out on the patio, but it was super cozy and overlooked a quiet residential street.

This was our room. Ahhhhhhhh. No doily curtains. No floral wallpaper. Just quiet, cozy peacefulness. Loved it.

And a whirlpool tub! I'm still dreaming of this guy. The room had a massage shower too. And a massage chair. I was pretty blissed out by the time we left. 

I read Southern Living and Travel & Leisure while soaking in the tub by the fireplace. Not an entirely bad way to spend a Friday night. A very nice way to digest an Amish schmorgasboard.

I chose to omit the photo of vin with his bathrobe worn over his clothes like Hefner. Aren't I such a considerate girlfriend? Just nod yes.

In the morning we were treated to fresh breakfast and coffee by a cozy fire. 

Sure beats the usual (aka, english muffin with peanut butter eaten over a pile of work at my desk).

But it's the little touches that makes bed and breakfasts so special. On Saturday night, our hostess left a gift bag on our bed with a sweet little plant inside to take home. 

And sent us with a little goodie box of treats for our drive home. Seriously, how cute is that?

If you're interested in finding a great weekend getaway, check out the inns on bedandbreakfast.com. That's where I have found several fantastic, warm, hospitable places. Have you stayed in a great B&B? Taking recommendations!


  1. Wow, the bathroom alone would've been enough to get me to stay there for weeks on end. How cool is that bathtub? And that breakfast looks SOOOO good!!! Omelette in a bowl, and I don't even know what's in the glass cup, but the fact that it has whipped cream on top and is being served for breakfast is definitely a win. What an awesome B&B!

  2. Oh I love B&Bs. We stayed in a great one in San Francisco...but I don't remember the name right now. It is too late! Thank you so much for sharing your words and memories with me tonight. During good times and bad, your blog always offers me a dose of joy. I hope you have a blessed and happy Sunday, my friend. Hugs and love!

  3. Hi Monet! Nice to see you back, girl.

    Eva--it was baked bananas with the whipped cream on top. And it was gooood.

  4. So, my husband thinks bed and breakfasts are "creepy and weird." I think they are so cute (although I can see what he means, some are creepy and weird.) I will have to live vicariously through you on the B&B until I change his mind!

  5. What a beautiful place! My parents used to run a B&B and so of coure growing up I hated them. I wanted to have at tiny room on the 18th floor of some mass chain. Not any more!
    How on earth do you take a mirror shot wearing a robe and still look so gorgeous?!

  6. What a cute post, Jenn. We have a B&B and have hosted many first time B&B-ers. I just love seeing their faces when they walk in and the peace they feel when they say goodbye.

    This inn looks so very beautiful! I'll be checking out their website in case we're ever in the area. :)