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My Summer Bucket List

I didn't wear a bathing suit once last summer...not once. How weird is that? Rather, how wrong is that? When I was a kid, I was in a bathing suit every day in the summer. Of course, I grew up in Texas where if you didn't submerge your body in water you'd either burst into flames or melt into your shoes. Now that I live in the northeast, where the summer months disappear faster than a congressman's weiner pics on a twitter page, I like to commit my summer must-dos to a concrete list to ensure I make the most of the sweltering season. Here's what I'd really like to see happen this summer: 

Walk across the Brooklyn and the 59th Street Bridge, preferably with a good buddy at my side.

Take a few day trips out of the city. On the list: Mystic, Connecticut; the Hamptons and Cape May, NJ.

Eat lunch at least once a week down at the Seaport overlooking the river.

Shop as often as possible at the Union Square Greenmarket for summer fresh produce. 

Sip on copious amounts of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Try to recreate some of these exotic iced tea blends from the Brooklyn Smorgasburg.

Since we're on the subject of drinking, why not throw a couple of frosty margaritas in the mix?

This summer I also plan to spend lots of time in my backyard, reading, writing and saying "Hi" a hundred times in a row to the little boy who always peeks through his blinds at me.

And I definitely can't wait to host backyard dinner parties and brunches again!

In my future I see lots of refreshing watermelon...

and smoky ribs with meat falling off the bone...

fruity smoothies and creamy shakes...

and the grand poo-bah of all summertime treats--the ice cream cone. 

I plan to spend this summer under a striped umbrella...

propped up on a patio chair...

and sprawled out wide on a soft beach towel.

I want to go hiking...

and flea marketing...

and beach-going.
I want to listen to live music in the middle of a big park.

And take more than a few leisurely dips in a sparkling pool. Woo-wee! I can't wait!!

What's on your summer must-do list??


  1. Oh the bridge! NYC during summer sounds dreamy to me!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. All I can say is "ditto" --- suntan, sip lemonade and some icy adult bevies, hang with friends, go to outdoor concerts, long walks with the dogs, beaches, flea markets and farmer's markets pretty much sum up my summer plans. I CAN'T WAIT!

  3. omg i just LOLed at my desk. you're crazy. margaritas are on my summer bucket list, becoming a ukulele hero and going with the flow (since i dont know what to do here in california)

  4. 'Congressman's weiner pics on a Twitter page' - LOL!
    My summer list: a bonfire-party with s'mores and grill baskets of fresh veggies...but that will have to wait until S's broken ankle heals...a party barbeque, lots of summer produce...

  5. This has gotten my in the summer spirit more than out recent 90+ degree temperatures. Beautiful pictures!

  6. I love all of these ideas, and I love this post! What a great idea. I heart the Brooklyn Bridge. One of my best friends and I had our first 'date' by walking across it during a freshman excursion at NYU. So fun!

  7. I made my summer list last week, so I'll just link to that.

    Wish I lived in an area where all of the fun things on your list were available.

  8. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you this summer! I used to work in NYC right out of college - this makes me miss it!

  9. I heart watermelon...and I also need to do more fresh produce eating and pool swimming...

  10. These are great things to do. I have never been to Brooklyn.. Thinking of visiting NY in Fall :)


  11. My list includes nightly dips into my bucket of frozen margaritas and road-tripping it to the midwest with a one year old (while dipping into my bucket of margaritas in the passenger seat).

    And I'm totally serious, but I've been wanting to do a little day trip to Cape May...mostly to look at beauteaous houses. I haven't been there in a few years...and last time I was there, I was more interested in finding the bar then looking at pretty Victorian houses. Let's meet up for ice cream cones!!!

  12. the brooklyn bridge is my fav!! i havent been to cape may yet but it is on my list!

  13. Two comments:
    1) I'll meet you for some Union Square time.
    2) Who is that gorgeous girl on the right in your backyard picture? Can I get her phone number?

  14. Jealous of your summer to-do list! I just visited Mystic, CT recently and wish I could have spent more time there! And hiking, dinner parties, and refreshing drinks are things I'd always love more of during the summer! My husband and I just got married and just got a dog so we'll probably spend most of this season training the dog, taking her on long hikes, and enjoying the newlywedded life with a few day trips and romantic dinners here and there!