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7 Links That Will Change Your Life (or entertain you for the next 10 minutes)

I think I might be one of the last ones to jump on this "7 Links" train, but Shannon tagged me, and when you're it, you're it. So I dug through my archives over this past year and came up with a few posts I deemed worthy of seeing the light of day again. 

What this is about: To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part
2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.

Here goes!

- Your most beautiful post
Birthday Wishes and Burger Dreams
I just can't help it. I tend to get all moony and wax poetic when it comes to the man in my life. 

– Your most popular post
Jenn and Kim's Day Off
I got a lot of hits and links to this post about my first day of unemployment this summer. 
You felt my pain and I felt the love.

I Left My Heart at the Doughnut Plant
This post got a lot of attention too. Doughnuts are popular. I think they're the new cupcake.

– Your most controversial post
Dark Chocolate Tofu Mousse
Let's face it; writing about food and little outings does not incite a lot of controversy. This recipe went the furthest out of my comfort zone, and it's the one I most encourage you to try!

– Your most helpful post
22 Ways I Save Money on Food
I want to write more posts like these, because it's the kind of post I would most want to read. 

– A post whose success surprised you

Decor Woe: Working Around a Massive TV
I get hits on this post every day, and it's one of the very first I ever wrote. If you're a blogger and want to get hits to your site, I highly recommend working the words "flat screen TV" and "free clip-art" into your posts somewhere. They are obviously googled frequently.

– A post you feel didn’t got the attention it deserved
Rocky River Girls Forever
I thought the post I wrote about my memories of summer camp was purty. I hope you'll check it out:)

– The post that you are most proud of
Finding Chi in NYC
I just love writing about New York City, and this post reflected a side of the city most people rarely think about. 

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5) And so it goes on!
6) The site Trip Base be sharing the best posts from participating bloggers on their blog and everyday on Facebook and Twitter at #My7Links

And the nominees are...
Nancy from Calendar Gal
Daina from New York State of Mind
Lauren from Foodie House
Jackie Fo 


  1. Cool beans. Will go back to some of the ones I missed, and will also work in "flat screen tv" into more of my posts.
    I jumped on the food blog bandwagon, and I'd love for you to look-see. Just a couple posts up, and nothing gourmand, but....
    Thought a lot about ya'll in NYC yesterday. Hope everyone felt the love being sent.

  2. um first of all, the summer camp post was sincerely one of my favorites. i absolutely love your writing and that was so amazing. secondly, i am jumping on the big-screen tv train. i too have to decorate around a massive wall of a tv, but i never thought it could work to my advantage with content AND seo!


  3. Oh fun! Thanks for tagging me. I will try to do this this weekend. Looking forward to reading all of your posts when I get home from work!

  4. I LOVED your summer camp post. I got jealous as I was reading it, lol. I used to BEG my mom to let me go away to camp, but it never happened. :/

  5. Thanks for the tag Miss Jenn - I'm honored! I LOVE your blog and always look forward to reading your posts.

  6. Wowza! Thanks for picking me, I just saw this :) Very cool. I will work on it later this week. If you don't see it up soon I give you full permission to harrass me...I don't want to forget to do it! Seems fun :)

  7. I loved the most controversial post!!

    Yours Truly,


  8. I love the photo of Chi (Tai Chi?) in NYC, that's great photography and a really peaceful scene amongst the madness. Also the tofu mousse - that's some inspiration for me!

  9. Thanks Jenn! No, I think I am officially the last person to get on this train...I'm running beside it, waving my flabby arm. So behind, my friend, so behind.

    So I'm going to do this for my next post. I appreciate the nomination. Loves.

  10. I am sorry I haven't gotten to this yet, we took a last minute trip to Boston over the weekend and I lost all of my computer time! I hope to get to it soon!