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Blogger Party Potluck: Spooky Supper

I always figured once I reached adulthood, Halloween was the kind of holiday I would just assume leave to the kiddies. But then I got into having people over for dinner, and realized how incredibly fun hosting for Halloween can be. And while I'm still not terribly creative with my costumes (I stuffed balloons down my shirt last year and called myself Dolly Parton), I do like to pull out all the stops with my home decor and food.

I'm not hosting a dinner this year, but if you happen to be, check out these great links to create the perfect fright night. It's a mix of simple autumnal fare and shticky snacks.

Spooky Halloween Supper (for Adults and Kids)

Setting the Spooky Scene...

Straight from the Cauldron...

 Big Boo-tiful Buffet

Grown-Up Grub
(Kale salad is particularly great for entertaining because it should be dressed an hour before serving)

Mother-Tested, Kid-Approved

No Tricks, All Treats

Happy Halloween!


  1. These are great, thanks for sharing! Love your party pics :)

  2. Oh. My. Word. My mouth is watering, first of all. I've got to quit reading your blog on an empty stomach. Secondly, the decor is AMAZING! Now I wanna throw a party!

  3. If I had more room in my apartment I'd love to throw a spooky dinner party! Your looks so well done and pro!

  4. These are so great! Kind of make me wish I was throwing a dinner party but I might settle for baking some of the witches fingers for my neighbours :)

  5. These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)



  6. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. We aren't hosting a dinner this year, but are having folks over for drinks. I may have to try the glow-in the dark. Awesome round up! Happy weekend friend! xo

  7. Thanks for including me, how fun is this round-up. I remember your party from last year, it looked like so much fun. I have to go see some of these goodies, they all sound so good. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Thank you for including my cookies :) Lovely ideas, I would love to go to a party with food like this :)

  9. I think you just touched the culinary sweet spot of Halloween! I'm throwing a dinner party the day before and just going out on Halloween. More like being drug out by my hair - it is my birthday and all I want to do it sit and relax, but my friends tell me it's not up to me... weird.
    I'd love to sit back and dip a fork into each of these, holy hell. My jeans just shrank a size.
    Love your blog, I'm so glad you found mine. You got a new follower outta me! ~Megan

  10. Thanks for including me in your roundup! There are so many great ideas in this post, I hope I have some time to try some of them out this weekend. Happy Halloween :D