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The NYC Halloween Dog Parade

When I was a kid, maybe 10 or so, my friend Rachel threw a birthday party for her dog. We ate cake and played games like any other party, and we all brought presents for the guest of honor. For my contribution, my mother crafted a wreath made entirely of Milkbones. It was pretty impressive.

People do some pretty strange things with animals for their own bizarre amusement. Take the NYC Halloween Dog Parade we attended today for example. You think a bulldog actually wants to wear a tutu? Would a dachshund really go for something so cliched as a hot dog costume? No, of course not. But we humans work hard all week, and we need a little something to take the edge off.

There was a costume contest with a $5,000 cash prize. We didn't stick around to see who won the thing, so let's just have a little contest ourselves here, shall we? Let's meet the contestants:

#1 Bee with Underbite

#2 Sassy Sailor

#3 Ugly Sweater Party Pup

#4 Tea at the Plaza

#5 King Arthur

#6 The Joker

#7 Pirate Pooch

#8 Pageant Mom 

#9 Camo Dog

#10 Borat

#11 Here Comes the Rooster

#12 Snoop Dogg

#13 Dino-Mutt

#14 Old Blue 

#15 Cruella and her Dalmation

#16 Ballerina Dog 

#17 Hula Hound

#18 Tiny Taco

(my personal fave!) #19 Peacock Pooch

What's your favorite? Do you dress your pets for Halloween?


  1. OH my god, cuteness overload! Too many to choose from but the joker, borat and hula hound - that pup is gorgeous.

  2. how did i miss this? borat is the best.

  3. So cute!


  4. Hmmm... I don't know! Borat in a giant wedgie-speedo? Pretty good. But I also love King Arthur, and the pageant dog gets points for the owner/dog costume combo.

    Loser? Old Blue. I HATE when people dye animals!

  5. Cute! I'm totally dressing my dog for Halloween!! I'll post pics afterward. Yay!

  6. woah...I've never gone all out with my little doggie, I love the lil peacock.
    Maybe this halloween

  7. Love! Love! Love! #19 was my favorite too. Have you seen the documentary about Bill Cunningham? You should rent if you get a chance. Thank you for sharing, dear friend. I'm so glad that I'm able to type again. Your blog makes me laugh (and of course, it makes me smile!). Much love and warm wishes from Austin.

  8. Oh my goodness. I absolutely love every single one of these pictures.

  9. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad that I could bring the queso recipe to a fellow kerbey-lane enthusiast. This post cracked me up because I actually went to a dog costume contest last Halloween to do a photography project. Adorable!

  10. I'm a big fan of costumes, on people or animals. But I don't dress my cat up anymore after one year where he wore an ugly hanukkah sweater to our ugly christmas sweater party. He was pissed. But that's why I had a baby. To dress up.

    btw, I think I heard a Gaga dog won? My pick was for the King Arthur.

  11. The bee with an underbite is the most squeezable, for sure--but you can't be that likeness to Snoop Dogg. It's uncanny!