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Snow-Tober, NYC

The first weekend of October, we had friends gather in our backyard to enjoy the rare 80-degree weather. On the last weekend of October, we walked outside to find the porch covered in snow. We live in a weird world, people.

It wasn't that rainy-mix stuff I was expecting either. It was full-on, glittery, powdery fluff. 
Too much to avoid shoveling, and too little to make a proper snowman.

I seriously couldn't believe it.

We hopped in the car and went for a drive. We couldn't let the snow change our plans. 
And we had big ones.

Vin was itching to go to Home Depot Saturday. Who was I to derail a man's dreams?

This is where he really comes alive...

After a stop at Taco Bell for lunch (my bad idea), we headed home, put on pjs, watched three movies, and I made homemade mac and cheese. This year for Halloween Vin and I went as homebodies. 

I think we really nailed it.


  1. cute post... and seriously crazy weather!

  2. That is crazy! I kept waiting for it to snow here in DC but it was just wet rain and a couple of flurries--no accumulation. Oh, and love the costumes!

  3. really cute. i don't know anyone as photogenic as you...can you please look bad in a picture, just once? xoxoxo

  4. When I saw that in the news I was shocked!!
    But you spent the day exactly the way i WOULD HAVE! At home watching movies with my love!!

    Happy Monday,

  5. Even though snow in October is CRAZY, I secretly sort of envy the excuse you have to stay indoors and hibernate. The biggest excuse I can ever drum up in SF is "it's foggy." Snow is way more legit!

    I also love that you indulged in Taco Bell. The one fast food vice I can't get rid of!

  6. Good lord! I thought we usually got most of the snow up here in Michigan! You guys just went up a couple notches on the hardcore-weather-meter.

    And seriously: you make it seem kind of romantic. ;)

  7. You 2 look great.
    great post.
    i hope you can check out mine.


  8. Wasn't that weather crazy? Not only was it snow, it was THUNDERSNOW. Yeesh. It definitely put a damper on the Halloween plans--I stayed in too and did a crazy amount of baking, cooking, and knitting. I kind of wish it had snowed today instead.... (I also titled one of my posts "snowtober" :))

  9. Whose flight got totally derailed thanks to the snow? This girl. Parked on the tarmac in Montreal for 4 hours isn't fun, trust me. Damn you, freakish weather.

  10. Haha - cute post! Yes, this crazy weekend weather was sooo weird!!

  11. LOVE the picture of Vin and the Gorilla Glue. We spent our day almost identically but at Lowe's. I bought can upon can of spray paint for DIY projects that may never get done now that the weather has turned and going outside to safely shpritz away no longer seems feasible. Grrrr!