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Stadium Snack Attack: Popcorn on Ice

Ever been to a hockey game? They're loud, and aggressive and people body-slam each other against railings when things aren't going well.

And that's just the fans.

Seriously, it's like everyone in the stadium is inhaling oxygen and exhaling testosterone. The yelling, the cursing, the exasperated sighs and exaggerated frustration.

And that's just the women.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy it. I actually really do. But I'm not a yeller, and even my claps are kind of dainty and polite, like they just announced the winner at the annual "Mother of the Year" tea luncheon. I enjoy the fast pace, the energy and the action, but if I'm being honest, the fans do kind of terrify me.

But you know what really terrifies me about hockey games? The food-- cardboard-coated chicken fingers, flimsy french fries and the worst burger you've ever had for $10. They also sell gummy, flavorless Cheez-Whiz nachos that make you feel absolutely terrible about yourself. I know this because I ate them and immediately felt terrible about myself.

I shoulda brought popcorn. I love popcorn, man. It's light and airy and crisp, yet it's full of fiber so it  fills me up without making me feel like a tub o' lard. And I'm not talking about microwave popcorn either. I'm talking about real kernels, popped in oil, on the stove. The way the pilgrims did it.

Here are my favorite combos:

fresh garlic simmered in butter + freshly grated parmesan + kosher salt + pepper
olive oil + dark chocolate shavings + kosher salt
honey + cinnamon + toasted slivered almonds
Nutritional yeast (tastes like cheese )+ kosher salt + pepper

But I really can't wait to try some of THESE!!

That's my Gooooooaaaaaalllll!!


  1. When my family and I first made popcorn on the stove it was like a revelation!!! Never again will I make microwave popcorn that leaves a weird film on the top of my mouth. I am going to have to try the honey cinnamon and toasted almond version. That sounds delightful!!

  2. I also clap like Mother of the Year, and I'm married to someone who body slams against the railings when the opposing team scores a goal. The first time we went to a hockey game together, it was nearly the end of us. True story.

  3. The first combo is my fave too. Try putting a sprig of rosemary or some thyme in that butter too! Another good one: jalapeno salt and garlic butter. Mmmmm.

  4. Oh, yeah! I have a go-to Kettle Corn recipe that I make all the time in my trusty Whirl-O-Pop for "snack time" with my girls. Can't believe I ever relied on the 'ol micro (hangs head in shame)

  5. Like the pilgrims did? Oh Lord, I nearly wet my pants.

    I think I remember someone telling me, or reading it in Little House in the Big Woods, or some historical re-enactment person at a field trip as kid, told me that popcorn was the first cereal. I guess pioneers (ok, just realized pioneers and pilgrims are not the same..sheesh.) would pour milk over popcorn and voila, cereal. that could be total crap. Don't quote me.

    I too make popcorn like pilgrims because that microwave stuff has really weird chemicals in it that is bad your man's man parts. That's what I read one time on the internet, thus, not totally trust-worthy, but why risk my hubs important parts to chance and weird smelling popcorn? Natural is always better:)

    one other popcorn sidenote: (okay, two) the other day I picked up my kids from my neighbor's house and she made popcorn as a snack for the kids. She was telling me how her house smelled like burnt popcorn and a poop diaper. I laughed so hard. One, because my house has also smelled like that and two because it's such a gross combo (don't add that one to your list). Two, Tiny simply calls popcorn, "kern". Love it. Love you, Jenn!

  6. Think you've just inspired me with those flavour combos! Yummy! Great shots!

  7. i've never been to a hockey game before! they look intense...

  8. Mmm, I haven't had breakfast yet. I've never made popcorn on the stove before. I'ma put that on my to do list. Those flavor combos sound amazing ... mmmm. I'm gonna have to stop reading your blog long enough to go make myself something to eat.