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I need your help...seriously

If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, I think it's safe to say that I am totally screwed. I simply hate making it, so I either throw two sad little pieces of bread (usually frozen) into the toaster, or  make the same boring bowl of oatmeal day after day. When I'm really stumped, I open the fridge to forage for last night's leftovers. Yesterday I had macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Last Thursday it was chili. How gross am I?

I need some help coming up with quick, easy, healthy breakfast ideas for day-to-day consumption. I'm not talking elaborate weekend meals to be eaten lazily in my footie pajamas, but go-to meals I can throw together in a hurry.

I implore you, please send me pics and/or quick recipes for easy weekday breakfasts to muchtomydelight@gmail.com or post to my FB page by this Friday. I'll do a post next week linking to all your ideas. PS: You don't have to have a blog to send me your ideas.

I thank you in advance for your care, concern and consideration:)


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  2. What about a lovely big bowl of fresh fruit salad. I also love having greek yoghurt sprinkled with my favourite fruit-raspberries.
    In the Winter, when I need something warm I like a hot bagel with peanut butter. Quite healthy I think ;-)

  3. What about whole wheat waffles (or pancakes). You can make them in advance and then freeze them so you just have to re-heat them in the morning. If you find a good recipe, pass it along. :)

  4. I know you're not the biggest fan of eggs, but hear me out! My mom used to make us quick and easy breffests (traditionally called in her homeland "toad in the hole" - yarf!) that were pretty fulfilling!

    Take a slice of your favorite bread (any bread will do!) and if you have an egg cup for eating soft-boiled eggs, turn it upside-down to punch a hole through the center of the bread. Then get out your lil' old frying pan, throw a lil' old pat of butter in there, throw the "holey" bread (and the discarded bread disc) in and crack an egg into the center of the hole. Flip the whole thing once, et voilĂ ! A perfectly fried egg nestled in warm buttered toast! Plus your bonus of a tiny little buttered bread disc!

    Possibly not THE healthiest option but you can get a dose of protein and whole grains in about 2 minutes.

  5. Rab--My mom made those all the time too! What a fun memory. Except we called them "egg in a hole". Very literal interpretation. Really, that's not that unhealthy--just use whole grain bread.

  6. Oh Jenn, you seriously crack me up! It's not gross eating Mac n cheese or chilli for brekkie. When you're on the run I get it, but it is gross to eat cheesecake for brekkie like I do when I feel like it.

    I was thinking about Muesli (gronola) with yoghurt although it's a bit summery. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5126/sevencup-muesli

    Also love pancakes/crepes for breakfast - you can make them savoury too, filling them with ham and cheese.
    Bagels... I freakin' miss Bagels, can't get them here... so Bagels with any fillers - cream cheese and salmon to scrambled eggs.
    Same with Burrito's - make 'em for breakfast with whatever fillers.

    Also a fan of making a large batch of muffins on Sunday eve for the week or loaf of Banana Bread (via Joy of Baking).

    Have fun making brekkie this week!

  7. If something's good enough to eat for dinner, it's good enough to eat at breakfast time! I'm not a huge fan of traditional breakfast foods - I often have soup (tomato or lentil are my faves in the AM) or a sandwich in the mornings...

  8. Hrmph..not a breakfast person, I can't related because I love love love it! Here is a quick idea

    Greek yogurt
    Berries (I do frozen because its a tad less expensive :)


  9. I do eat breakfast everyday and I have to admit, I usually end up eating leftovers (like miso soup and rice or, ahem, mac & cheese). I also like to make oatmeal in my rice cooker (it has a timer function so I just pop it in the night before and set it to be ready for when I get up) and add lots of fruit when I eat it... Also sometimes I'll make little mini quiches in a muffin pan and freeze them; that way I just microwave them and I've got breakfast. And my last recommendation--congee (rice porridge)! It's really easy to make and it's soothing and bland, so you can eat it with whatever--go traditional with pickled veggies or those fried Chinese crullers, or just eat it with a leftover stir-fry or something.