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A Season in Pictures

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. There's just something about the month of December that brings out the slacker in me. Between trips to work and friends' homes, I have been peacefully trapped beneath a mound of sugar cookies since mid-month and am still trying to claw my way out. Things should return to normal after New Year's and several trips to the gym.

Till then, hope everyone has been having a great holiday season!


  1. Hey Jenn, hope you had a top Xmas!

    I've also been a bit slack lately... working my ass off.

    Loving your snaps! May 2012 be filled with joy, laughter and good health sweetpea!


  2. Nobody has time for anything this time of year. Except fun and family, of course. Happy holidays! ;D

  3. you look super cute in those antlers! Happy holidays :-)

  4. I know, I can't believe another year has flown by.
    Looks like you had a very lovely year...and hope 2012 is equally magical.