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22 Reasons to Love New York City

Like everybody else, I really got a kick out of seeing the "Sh** New Yorkers Say" video last week. 

I nodded my head at a lot of it, but especially when they exclaimed in two consecutive scenes...
"I love it here!" and "I hate it here!".  I frequently say both myself, but today I'm choosing to focus on the stuff I love about New York. Here are just a few reasons. 

Brownstones on tree-lined streets. If offered the choice between a six-bedroom house in 
the burbs and a one-bedroom brownstone in Brooklyn, I'd choose brownstone every time.

 A constant stream of free music that is both impressive and impromptu.

 You can wear literally anything you want here and most people will barely bat 
an eye. This disappointed a visiting friend who got more looks with her long 
blonde hair than she did while wearing a bright green bob.

Outdoor flea markets.

Old-school joints like Katz's that have been around forever and show no signs of changing.

In New York, even the graffiti is clever. 

The bocce ball courts in Queens.

The food. Black and white cookies. Pizza. Bagels. Hot dogs. Pretzels. Pastrami on rye.

Bold statements of city pride.

 You never know what you're going to see from behind a hotel room window and a zoom lens.

The new Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is fantastic and you should go there.

People-watching. It just never gets old. 

 How easy it is to escape to the beach, the mountains or farmland. 

How voyeurs and exhibitionists work symbiotically.

Central Park, and how if you time it just right, you can actually feel alone there. 

Flower stands outside of bodegas, and how they can elevate a 
common convenience store into something quaint and special.

Stumbling onto some kind of filming. One morning I woke up and they were shooting a music video on the front steps of my house. The landlord let them stay, but only if they brought him coffee from  Dunkin' down the street and left behind the mini bbq grill they were using for the shoot.

Street fairs in the summer. They're the same every time--cheesy boardwalk games, DJs, 
freshly fried zeppoles rolled in powdered sugar--but I get thrilled every time I see one. 

You can buy pretty much anything you need without ever entering a store. 
This is particularly handy during unexpected rainstorms.

Unexpectedly walking past unbelievable art installations that you didn't even know were happening. 

The way New Yorkers really utilize their outdoor spaces. When my dad visited 
from Texas, he couldn't get over how many people were in the parks. 

City sunsets. 

What's your favorite thing about NYC?


  1. You captured the city so well! That was also one of my favorite parts of that video, and I honestly say exactly what they said every time I am in Times Square!

    There are so many things I love about the city... you may have inspired me for some upcoming posts!

  2. i actually starting to create a list of my own during a euphoric subway ride. you have the most amazing collection of photos.

  3. this looks NOTHING. SHORT. OF. MAGICAL. jealous. :)

  4. You've given me so many reasons to visit New York ... hopefully soon. My favorite memories of New York are visiting fabulous restaurants with my friends.

  5. i must say i just finished reading this post along with the "how i got to NY" post. truly awesome!! i would give anything to be able to live and afford a life in NYC. i visited once before & am dying to go back, but for a little longer this time. two days just werent enough. :)

  6. Love this list! I've though about doing a similar post. Some of the things I love about New York include the hustle & bustle, that you can find anything and everything here, that there are always people around and the food!

  7. what an amazingly thorough nyc post! i love this list. central park pretty much sums it up for me.

  8. I love this. It makes me yearn for the warm weather. The most interesting characters always show themselves in the summer, I find.

    My favorite thing...I can't choose just one! I love the parks, my neighborhood, bodegas on every corner, free summer festivals, outdoor cafes, the ability to walk anywhere, convenience, etc.

  9. Love love love the photos. My favorite thing about NYC is the pizza, energy and people watching!

  10. I've never properly been to NYC (JFK airport doesn't count, right?) but this post makes me want to visit SO bad! Love all your pictures esp that one of you and the cookie - you're so damn pretty.

  11. that after four years of being away, i finally made it back :)