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What's my Resolution? No resolutions!!

I've always been a big resolution person. To clarify, I'm great at making resolutions. Keeping them is a horse of a different color. My problem is that instead of focusing on one manageable, measurable goal like "I'd like to jazzercise three times a week so I can fit comfortably into something other than pajama jeans", I totally overwhelm myself by constructing an itemized list of 25 new habits I'd like to adopt. It's never worked, and I'm finally giving it up. No resolutions for me. I'll set a goal for myself on my own time, when I feel a true pull to make a real change.

Still, there's no denying that I am feeling very inclined to eat more thoughtfully after my month-long cookie and eggnog binge. My healthy habits really went out the window last month, and though I hesitate to call healthy eating a resolution, I am doing my best to have more resolve when making food choices.

If you're trying to do the same, I highly recommend my dinner combo from last night. Vegetarian, filling, and chock full of some really good stuff, this plate left me feeling satisfied, not sluggish. Quinoa patties with fresh herbs, a raw kale and brussel sprouts salad with toasted almonds and mashed sweet potatoes with a tablespoon of goat cheese and a quick drizzle of truffle oil. Everything was so good!

And for lunch today? Toasted bread with white bean-garlic-rosemary spread, mashed avocado and sprouts. I'm back, baby!


  1. I'm more of a goals kinda gal. I make goals to work towards during the year --- it seems to take the pressure off and I stick to them way better than resolutions! I'm trying to get back to my healthy eating too and your meals look awesome!

  2. 1. I received pajama jeans for Christmas from Santa. I ended up returning them after getting a good laugh, but I have to admit they fit pretty well and were actually not too bad looking.

    2. I completely agree about resolutions! I set a few last year on my blog and only completed one of them... total fail. I think setting more manageable goals throughout the year when you want to is definitely the way to go.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog lately, I always feel bad because I can't respond to them through email because you have a noreply address. If you add an email to your account I would love to respond!

    Happy new year !

  3. Yay, that's my go-to salad! I made it for Thanksgiving and have been hooked ever since! The sandwiches look delish, too!

  4. the white bean and rosemary spread sounds pretty good! I goes well with almost everything I would love to make it

  5. I know I know..I'm back on the wagon too...also getting back to the gym since I took about 3 months off. Who does that!

  6. Happy New Year sweets!

    Wow, this looks superrrrr healthy Jenn! You're inspiring me all over again!

  7. Oh you know how to make my stomach growl. What wonderful and healthy dishes to ring in the New Year! I am happy to have more time on my hands...hopefully it means I can create something just as delicious as this in the week ahead. Many blessings and much love from Austin. Thank you for sharing with me!