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Jenn and Kim's Day Out: Part II

Last time my coworker Kimmy and I had a mid-week day out, it was summertime and we had just been laid off. We drowned our sorrows in nachos and sangria down by the water in Battery Park City.

It was a miserable day for us. 

The weather sucked and the view was completely lackluster.

I enjoy spending time with Kim. We are both therapists at a mental health clinic, and have a lot of intellectually stimulating moments together. We're so compatible, I often forget that I'm eight years older than her and sometimes wonder if the reason our age difference isn't noticeable is because she's so mature for her age, or because I'm so goofy for mine. 

Don't answer that. 

Anyway, Kim and I got together on a 60-degree Tuesday in January. The weather was so warm we were able to sit outside on a charming patio in Soho. We drank coffees, ate veggie paninis and listened to the people next to us talk about their rich friends and Adderall addictions. We're not accustomed to such pretension because we work as therapists as a mental health clinic.

After lunch, we went and had facials down the street. 

I'd bought two groupons for cheap facials a few months ago, and offered one to Kim because let's face it: If anyone needs a facial, it's this girl. Blotchy, blemished and flawed in almost every conceivable way. She's almost hard to look at, this one.

We spent the next hour having our pores scrubbed, steamed and extracted and came out feeling fresh as daisies on the other side. Our chic day in Soho was coming to a close, and it was time to take our respective trains home. 

The next day we were back at the agency, where there's always a big bowl of condoms
 in the lobby and the bathroom stall is covered with a plastic shower curtain in lieu of a door. 
The atmosphere may not be glamorous, but at least our skin was for the next day or two.


  1. Just found your blog and I love your spunk and humor :) Will probably regularly stop by now.

  2. how adorable is that self made photo booth! love it!

  3. I love the missing "t" in your photo booth sign. It seriously made my morning--along with the fact that you guys had the idea to make up the photo booth itself. Everything in this post is a win.

  4. That's so funny you noticed the missing T in the "Phoo Booth". We had a party two years ago and I accidentally came home without it, so we just called it a phoo booth and went on with our lives. Now we always call them phoo booths:)

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