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Wedding Plans

When you fall into the habit of posting once per month, it becomes difficult to even know how to begin a post or figure out what to write about. I guess I'll write about wedding planning, because that's a topic that seems to always interest chicks. And who reads this thing once a month when I post? Chicks.

I've been sorta mum about the specifics of the wedding. I only share event details with my bridesmaids, Vin and a couple members of our families. I haven't blogged about it, and I don't post the ubiquitous countdowns on Facebook. I never changed my relationship status on there either. I do this mostly to prevent hurt feelings as not everyone in my FB feed is on my guest list. (This party is in a backyard, after all). I'm also quiet because I would like for most of the events of the day to be a surprise to our guests. Plus, I realize that a lot of people, besides my mom and Vin's, probably aren't waiting on the edge of their seats for this information.

Anyway, the wedding is happening this year in the not-so-distant future, and I must say, I'm pretty good at this planning stuff. I am committed, I am crafty and I am decisive.

Exhibit A: The dress

I briefly toyed with the notion of making a bold statement at the wedding. 

But ended up being a total snooze and choosing white instead. I went shopping one morning in March with Vin's mom and sister, tried on fewer than 10 dresses between two stores and ended up buying the first one I tried on by noon. (Don't worry--the binder clips will be bedazzled for the big day). The dress came in three weeks later and now I'm just waiting to get the extra 10 feet at the bottom lopped off. No more details will be shared as Vin is so superstitious about this stuff that he refuses to even look at my wedding day shoes.

Exhibit B: The Color Scheme

I saw this picture of a confetti garland and my mind was immediately set for the color palette. Hot coral, peach, ivory, tan, silver and gold. And maybe a dash of lavender for good measure. The theme of the day will be "backyard rustic-boho glam" which is something I totally made up right now. Let's hope no one points and laughs.

Exhibit C: The venue

I've known I wanted to get married in my dad's yard since the day he moved in. The ceremony and cocktail hour will be there, and the reception will be under a big white tent on the next door neighbor's property. There will be longhorns and bales of hay in the background of our pictures, which makes me so happy I could squeal.

Exhibit D: The groom

Easiest wedding decision ever.


  1. Sounds awesome & so "you"!! Can't. Wait. !

  2. I know I don't know you at all. But I really want to go to your wedding :-)

  3. Have fun finding the elements to making the perfect wedding... Stylemepretty have got some awesome board inspirations! Love the colour scheme lady!


  4. Dying over the bedazzled binder clips - too funny! I also LOVE that they say Sheryl on them. All of them.

  5. Wow I love the design of the gown.... its amazing..

  6. I did the backyard wedding thing and worked to get it perfect even though you would think not much work is required at all because of the theme. Anyways, congrats and don't sweat the small stuff. You won't remember/notice it ;)