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Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Wedding!

We went to the coolest wedding Saturday night! One of Vin's very best friends in the world got hitched to an adorable gal who happens to be cousins with another one of our best friends (get all that?), and their wedding was probably the most unique one I've ever been to. They got hitched in a rock club in Brooklyn!

They even got their own concert poster!

Me & buddy Carmela

They were married on onstage by a very rockin' minister. Vinny took all the photos, and I always give him a hard time about whipping out the camera during moments that should (in my opinion) just be watched, but I have to admit...his pictures usually come out amazing. I'm okay with losing some arguments.

The lighting made for some amazing photos--so dramatic!


Some couples are so giddy in love that it's a joy to see them together.
Melissa and Joe are definitely one of those couples.

See what I'm talkin' about?

And the cuteness just don't quit.


And because it was a rock club, the couple and their friends took to the stage all night long.
The newlyweds sang an adorable duet.


The groom's brothers took to rockin'...


                                    And then some hot long-haired dude played a set on the drums...

...and the guitar. What a babe. I wonder if he's single.

Congratulations Melissa and Joe!
Thanks for an unforgettable evening and best wishes for a wonderful wedded life together.


  1. wow,awesome photos! they really so much in love, it's inspiring!


  2. That wedding looks like a blast!

  3. Jenn,
    I'm not single, but thanks.

    Oh, you were talking about Vin? Nevermind...

  4. Mitch--I was referring to Vin. But I'm sure some other reader was curious about your status too, looking all dapper in the corner there.