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This Week's Delights

Although I hesitate to write it for fear of getting lazy and off-track again, one of my goals this year is to get back into the habit of posting here three times a week. Blogging regularly has definitely been hard for me to stick to for many reasons, but I do miss the challenge of posting several times a week. I'm not sure who still reads this thing, but if you do, thank you! I certainly need the encouragement to keep my mojo going. And if you have any post suggestions, feel free to chime in ... sometimes the well runs dry, ya know?

And with that little schpiel out of the way, I thought I'd bring back an old feature...the Friday list of weekly delights. The moments, conversations and observations that gave me a giggle or a grin this week.

* Discovering the sumptuous wonder that is Dunkin Donuts Mint Hot Chocolate. Beckoned by the giant sign on the Dunkin window earlier this week, Vin uncovered what has been missing from our repartee of warm winter beverages. Dude, this thing tastes like it has melted Andes mints in it. It almost tingles as it caresses your throat and I swear my breath smells fresher after it's all gone. For the record, I tend to hate mint everything, so the fact that I like this says a whole, whole lot. I think I'm growing. Unfortunately, it's outward.

* While waiting for a subway train, there was a man hunched completely off a chair, with his head about 3 inches from the concrete floor. He was so still, and stayed in that position for so long, that for a minute I was frightened he might actually be dead. He didn't look too good. Just as I was about to approach him, he sat straight up and started playing one of the most beautiful renditions of "Ava Maria" on the violin that I have ever heard. It scared the crap out of me, but I love when people surprise me.

* Our close friend Kerri is due to give birth this week!!! Eeeeee!! I think it's safe to say that everyone in our group of friends is anxiously awaiting the news that Kerri and Nick's little boy has arrived. Because sharing a photo of someone else's baby bump seems awfully invasive, I instead chose a photo of me and buddy Rachel at Kerri's baby shower from November. We stumbled into the toy stash of Kerri's nephew and uncovered this gem. How righteous would it be if they named their baby Thor??

* For about 10 whole seconds, I was 100% sure Gilbert Gottfried was a member of my gym.

* Okay, so...admittedly, I've never been what people would consider a huge animal person. I like playing with other peoples' pets, but I don't have a really strong desire to have one of my own. My dad's dog Chewie might be the only pup that makes me kind-of-maybe feel like I would want one myself. We became best friends over Christmas, and I find myself missing him this week. Look at that face!! And that sassy little tongue!

He's such a hot little mess.

* Vin and I got bumped off our flight to Texas over the holidays, so our bags landed safely at the Houston airport a full day ahead of us. The silver lining of what was a pretty annoying scenario last week has shown itself this week as we both have $400 travel vouchers to use on Delta in the upcoming year. Paris, here we come!

* And finally, for anyone who may be interested, I will finally be sharing our wedding photos and the memories that accompany them next week on the blog. I'll divvy them into three separate posts--ceremony, reception and decor/details. I'm excited to share the beautiful images our great photography team created.

Jason + Anna Photography
{Me with my best friends and co-matrons of honor: Callie & Missy

Jason + Anna Photography
{Making our first walk together as husband and wife}

Hope everyone is having a great first week of 2013...happy new year!
What delighted you this week?


  1. The photos are gorgeous. I love the last one with you guys walking down the aisle together - beautiful.

    And Chewie is killin me! What a face! And that pic of him over the sink? Ugh, so damn cute.

  2. Chewie is too freakin' cute! I love that pic of him drinking from the faucet, haha. Little doggies are just ridiculous. Mine is the cutest little rascal and he's lucky he's so cute because of all the rascally-ness.

    My delights this week are my fleece sweatshirts. I have two of the same one - black and "polar cream" (oh so pretentious a name for off-white) - and they're the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, especially in my freezing cold office. Also delightful? My boyfriend knows how to bleed a furnace when it's 0 degrees out and the furnace isn't working. Twenty minutes and a little bit of spilled kerosene later and we were back in business.

    Can't wait to see more of your wedding photos - they look amazing! :)

  3. My delight this week is that you resolved to start posting three times a week. And that you got a voucher towards Paris!! We need to eat there together, girl!

  4. I still read!
    Nice voucher. That's awesome. I love getting bumped from flights.

  5. Chewie's not bad, but I'm still partial to Renly.

  6. Here's a blob posting idea for you:

    I have a large group of girlfriends from college who are now spread out around the country. Every year we do something to feel connected to each other (we all netflixed the same movies one year; last year we committed to the same tv shows and emailed weekly about them, etc.). This year we are all trying a new restaurant once a month in our area and sharing the experience. It has to be a stand-alone place, no Chili's or Outback! The only rules are you have to get at least 3 things (app, entree, dessert; latte, muffin, yogurt). Since you have a million eateries in your area...it's an idea!

  7. Blob post? You know what I meant....

    (I could use that latte now!)

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    1. I still read! I'll always read--I love your life. :) Probably sounds stalkerish. It's OK, I am who I am. :)

  9. I told Chewie he was featured in a New York publication and he is thrilled. Bobby and Curly feel slighted.

  10. I'm still here! It totally happens with falling off the radar. I definitely go through stretches where I cannot think of one thing to say and have no desire to write...and then I'll wake up one morning and realize that I miss it so much! It's a total ebb and flow :)

    Oh and the mint hot chocolate? So, so dangerously wonderful. Hope you had a great holiday!

  11. You looked so beautiful and HAPPY. Congrats on your lovely wedding :-)

  12. Gawgeous. Simply gawgeous. Congratulations times a million!