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This Week's Delights

I am spending the early morning hours sippin' on my sizzerb (coffee) and scamming my closet for an outfit that's office-appropriate for the tropics. Not because I'm attending a meeting in Barbados (wouldn't that be the jam?), but because the office I use on Fridays is heated until just boiling. I occasionally wear mittens and scarves in the other office I use in the same building, so it's like the heat that's intended for the whole place is somehow concentrated in one small window-less room. Doesn't everyone have this complaint about their office? When will they get it right? Stop the madness!

But it's all good. Because it's Fri-day! What-what?!

Everybody say heyyyyyyy. Heyyyy. Say heyyy, heyyy. Heyyyy, heyyy. Okay, that's enough. My prediction was correct: I can't pull that off even in print.

It's also my best friend's birthday. Hi Callie! Happy birthday! I know you can't check internet at work (booooo), but maybe you'll get this message before you go (hooray!).

Well, this shaped up to be a nice little week. Here are a few highlights:

* Went to my friend Melissa's bridal shower on Saturday evening, where we played a cute little game called "find the groom". The woman who picked a picture of the actual groom won a prize. I did not find the actual groom. I found LL Cool J instead. Don't tell me I'm not a winner. PS: Sorry for the blurriness--papparazzi shot.

Even the under-12 set was trying to avoid the Beebs. And in news that surprises no one, women of all ages want to make out with Ryan Gosling. 

* On Sunday, Vin and I returned to SriPraPhai in Woodside for lunch. We go there specifically for one thing---their crisp (a.k.a. fried) watercress salad topped with spicy squid, chicken and shrimp. It is the most unique dish I've ever had--if you're a New Yorker, I beg you to try it!

* Had my tri-annual cut and color appointment. Now that I don't have my split ends to play with, I'm looking for a new hobby. Suggestions?

*Got a belated Christmas present in the form of a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. When I asked the gifter if she'd ever tried their Mint Hot Chocolate, she looked at me solemnly and said, "Girl. I taste it in my dreams."

*But the best news this week--and in 2013 so far-- was the birth of Kerri and Nick's baby boy. I got a text at 9:30 Tuesday night saying he was born, but didn't find out what they named him until Wednesday morning, when they introduced the world to their baby Desmond. Righteous name, right? They were inspired by the Beatles' "Ob la di", but naturally, when I first heard it, I thought they got it from Lost.

When Vin woke up, we played the "Guess the baby's name" game.

ME: "Okay, so the baby shares a name with a TV character. The show is not currently in production."
VIN: "Uhhhh, Chandler? Kramer?"
ME: "Kramer?"
VIN: "What? It's a name."
ME: "This could take too long. It's a character from Lost."
VIN: "John Locke? Sayid? Hurley..."
ME: "Hurley? Who would name their baby Hurley?"
VIN: "Hey! Hurley was named Hurley."
ME: "Yeah, but that's because he was a charact...oh nevermind, they named the baby Desmond."
VIN: "Oh yeah, that is better than Hurley."

Can't wait to meet the handsome little brotha! Hope you guys have a swell weekend on tap!


  1. Hahaha, I thought you're hey heyyyys were funny so that should count for something :) Also, I love that you said you need a new hobby now that you don't have split ends to play with. Story of my life! Except it's an on going hobby, because I'm really bad about keeping up with hair cuts.

    Have fun meeting the little one! Such a cute name!

  2. Happy Friday! My office is the same way - super warm and awful. I actually now sit next to a radiator blaring heat and an open window so I can stop sweating. Have a great weekend!

  3. hurley's name was hugo. get it right!

    btw my office is fucking freezing.

  4. That looks delicious. I love Woodside and the name Desmond. Quite distinguished. :)