{stories and snapshots from my new york city life.}

My Delights

Life is full of pleasures, big and small, and I love documenting these moments in pictures. Consider this a virtual gratitude journal, updated frequently. These are things that bring a smile to my face and a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart.

{Skipping through the city streets}
{Budding bicycles}
{Love notes on the kitchen table}
{Coffee cup sketch pads}
 {Fresh flowers in wooden crates}
 {Chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven}
 {The Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park}
 {New York City family outings}
 {Free outdoor concerts}
 {Pretty pink tulips in the springtime}
 {Cool old Chevy's}
 {Ice cream trucks! I'll take a Push-Up Pop, please}
 {Sailboats on a sunny day}
 {Water so naturally blue it looks like Kool-Aid}
 {Boarding a plane to a new destination}
 {Catching "The Wizard of Oz" on TBS}
 {Fresh fruit at the farmer's market}
 {My spunky niece Allison}
 {Making homemade greeting cards and gift baskets}
 {Pillow fights!!!!}
 {Catching up on blogs with a big mug of coffee}
 {Seeing the world in a whole new way}
 {Dining al fresco with great friends and good food}
 {Plucking ripe figs off the tree in my backyard}
 {Stumbling on beautiful murals in bright colors}
 {Dainty desserts}
 {Guys with guitars...especially my guy}
{Messages with meaning}
 {Throwbacks to another time}
 {Huevos Rancheros...aka, the best breakfast ever}
{Matryoshka dolls on 5th Avenue}
{The colors of autumn in the Northeast}
{Open invitations for cheese}
{The sights and smells of my local bakery case}
{Visiting my dad's next-door neighbors when visiting Texas}
{Mason jars ripe for the filling}
{New York City people-watching}
{Colorful confetti on a bright blue sky}
{Sand. Sea. Sailboat= Heaven}
{Beautiful churches in the middle of nowhere}
{Clicking into my skis and whizzing down a mountain}

What are the little things that bring you joy?