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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last week I fished for suggestions on how to use up the 8 1/2 pints of blueberries taking up valuable real estate in my freezer. My friend Bridget, a fellow food afficionado, added her two cents to the comments section.

"Why don't you make a blueberry compote to pour over crepe-like, banana-filled pancakes?" 

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Why don't I?" Then I remembered how every pancake I've ever flipped has had the shape and heft of a hockey puck. "On second thought, ol' girl, why don't you make some crepe-like, banana-filled pancakes?"

{And so, she did. God love her.}

{Bridget's cooking is classic. She brought over her mother's old Joy of Cooking. I loved it, because it looks exactly like my mother's well-worn copy.}

{There ain't no Bisquick in Bridget's cabinet. I can assure you that.}

{Blueberry compote is super easy. Just combine 2 pints of blueberries, 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Cook over medium heat about 10 minutes, until several berries burst but most remain intact.}

{Bridget snuck a few thinly sliced bananas into the pancakes as they cooked. She is full of good ideas.}

{I set the table for brunch in the garden. I even stuck linen napkins in the wine glasses. I learned that trick waiting tables in a country club.}

{Clean white plates ready to be filled with goodness...}

{What's better than a glass of mimosa? A big ol' pitcher of mimosas!}

{What's better than bacon? Bacon glazed with pure maple syrup and dusted with black pepper.}

{A big bowl of blueberries, more bananas and a little powdered sugar to sprinkle on top.}

{Come to mama.}

{A dish so pretty, even the aftermath looks good.}

Thank you, Miss Bridget, for making my Sunday so sweet!


  1. Thank you Miss Jenn, for giving me a perfect Sunday afternoon :)

  2. Just found your blog and I am deeply in love with the deliciousness that I see!

    xo Lynzy
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  3. That sounds great! I just recently made a blueberry crumble pie. Gotta love fresh blueberries and summer!

  4. You are killing me with the food shots girl!!! De-lish!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on my site!

    I'm actually hosting a brunch this weekend, and I love the idea of crepes! Thanks!

  6. Yum! What an awesome brunch! I have been trying to decide what to do with all the blueberries I have, I think crepes it is!

  7. That looks like the PERFECT Sunday morning to me! :) Yum!

  8. Holy moses!!! Oh to have a seat at that table!!! Amazing!!!!
    Tis the season for weddings, babies, bachelorettes... yikes I'm going broke celebrating everyone's big moments but gosh I'm having the time of my life doing it!
    xoxo tash

  9. What Lynzy said! Hilarious writing and droolworthy pictures, yay. Consider me subscribed ^_^

  10. Urgh, except where is your RSS button?