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Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto

I feel like stomping my feet and letting out a little scream. I want to slam something breakable into a wall and say a few choice words that would embarrass my grandma. The past two days have been stressful. I have been anxious, and cranky and irritable. Hey, it's normal. I should know; I work in mental health. Life ain't always a bowl of cherries. Sh*t happens; moods fluctuate.

By now you're probably asking if I'd like some cheese with my whine. Yes, actually, I would. And that's why I made risotto. Risotto is comfort food for the fancy folk--a rich, creamy blend of rice and cheese plumped with wine and stock. But for me, the comfort is not just in eating the dish, but the process of making it. In therapy sessions, clients and I are constantly examining what their coping mechanisms are for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Cooking is one of mine. 

And can you even believe the irony? The one bottle of wine in my house was called 'K Syrah'. You said it, dear vino. Just let it go. Whatever will be, will be. 

I think a lot of people avoid risotto because they think it's difficult to make. It's not. Sure, you have to tend to it often as you add your stock in batches, but that's really not so tough, is it? Risotto doesn't require hard work, it requires patience. Which, at that moment, was exactly what I needed. K Syrah, Syrah. I poured in the wine, took a deep breath, and stirred. 

I made something very similar to Giada's Porcini Mushroom and Gorgonzola risotto (only I used red wine instead of white), and it came out perfectly. The steam was warm and smelled of garlic. My neck muscles loosened. My shoulders relaxed. The worst of the day was over, and after a night's sleep a new day would begin. It's called comfort food for a reason.


  1. I love your writing- you crack me up! And I love love your recipes. This one is def going on my links list!! I've had a very rough several days too :( I'm thinking I need to develop more coping mechanisms because I sure did have quite a meltdown on Tues! ahh Like you say, que sera, sera..and Cheers!! p.s. I'm hosting a recipe swap if you have genius recipe you'd like to share!! :) xoxo

  2. p.s. I made Giada's risotto last winter- I tried the butternut squash and vanilla..it was kind of weird with the sweetness and I also made a version of the one you mentioned! I used portabello and parm instead! Adore risotto..my hips do not.

  3. From the very first time I had risotto, I found it to be a comfort food. The recipe I use is Gourmet's Roman Risotto with radishes...its pretty good. But I really like your idea of flavoring it with mushrooms and blue cheese even more.

  4. Oh my!!! This sounds sooooo delicious!!! really anything with gorgonzola just makes me happy
    have a lovely weekend

  5. I adore risotto, and I completely agree that cooking is therapy. I can't get through my weeks without baking/cooking! Thank you for sharing, and I'm sorry if I've been a bit sparse here lately...we are going through such a trial. Thank you for all your kind words on my own blog. They mean a lot!

  6. yes, yes! It was taken at Andrew's! My old neighb! I swear NYC is so big and so small at the same time. I'm so sad to hear it shut down :( What did they replace it with? I've spent many a morning there(some majorly hung over hahah) It was the perfect price range for a poor student! Happy Halloween :)

  7. Wow..this looks amazing! I love risotto..it's such a comfort food for me too. I'm definitely going to try this recipe sometime! And I hope the weekend is treating you well..time away from the stresses of work!