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Hats off to Texas

This past Wednesday marked an important holiday--Texas Independence Day. That's right, folks, 175 years ago, settlers in the Texas territory signed a document declaring independence from Mexico and Texas has been an independent country state ever since.

I have always lovingly referred to myself as a Tex-patriate, as I have settled in a new territory myself but still consider the Lone Star State to be my motherland. So today I tip my hat to the first place I ever called home and the last place I want to be in mid-August. God Bless Texas. 

"Do y'all know where I can git some Grey Poupon?"

Luby's Cafeteria: Home of the Tea-Cart ladies and a safe haven for younger brothers to unbutton their pants and go back for seconds.

Red-nosed Bull

Skins for sale. Every table looks good dressed in rawhide.

Chicken fried steak. Cream gravy. My kryptonite.

Grand ol' flags.

This girl's built Texas Ford Tough.

Stellar Mexican food. Oh, how I miss thee.

Ro-Tel. The Godfather of canned tomato products. Don't know what it is? Ask a Texan.

Re-election cake: 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups sarcasm. 

Galveston, oh Galveston. 

Here's to you Texas. I hope I look this good when I'm 175. 


  1. The stars at night are big and bright....deep in the heart of Texas!

    All I know of Texas I learned from watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure and shows about restaurants with steak-eating contests on the Travel Channel. But now I've been schooled. As big a fan I am of Mexican food, I clearly need to plan a trip there. I also like cowboy boots. Good enough reasons to go, right?

  2. thought of you today- I'm in Marble Falls for the weekend. Yay TX!

  3. When it comes to Luby's, I have two words for you: FRIED OKRA. Or, maybe, FISH ALMANDINE. With a side of that cement-in-your-stomach mac and cheese.

  4. Oh no...here I am, a newly arrived transplant, and I missed our independence day. Yikes! Thank you for sharing such lovely Texas photographs! I hope you have a happy week. Your posts bring me joy...thank you for being you!

  5. Oh lawwwd..is it too early for guac? Once again you have made my mouth water for things that are totally not normal before 9AM.

  6. just fabulous, Jenn. You actually made me miss it for a bit. And you're right, best damn mexican food around. Oh, how Kansas doesn't know mexican food...ugh. hugs!

  7. This makes me excited to visit Texas...my dad just moved to Houston and I have NEVER BEEN! Pumped :) That Mexican food looks unbelievable too....