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This Week's Delights

Guess what, y'all? I've got my jeans on! Know what that means? It's Friiiii-dayyyyy!!!!! I make a point to pronounce the word Friday with the "Oprah inflection". You know--the crazy tone she takes when introducing John Travolta or announcing she's giving each studio audience member a front-loading washer and dryer and a basket of kittens. That's how I feel about Fridays. I feel so very Oprah-inflection about them.

Before I get my Sat-urrrr-dayyyyy!!! on, I like to reflect on the things that made my week shine like a new penny.

* The way I set the table for Sunday dinner. I don't really see a reason why dining by candlelight should be reserved for special occasions.

* This week I got Invisalign braces to close some gaps in my teeth and silicone plugs injected in my tear ducts to cure my dry eye problem. I could totally keep up with the Kardashians with this much plastic in my face.

* My new leopard cardigan, mostly because it is the complete antithesis of what I usually buy. Rawr!!

* This jar full of owl cookies. Hootie-patooties. (Somewhere in Texas my brother just called me a loser.)

* My heart literally bursting into flames on Wednesday night watching dreamy Darren Criss singing acapella on Glee. I've never seen this kid before, but I think I lurrrrrrve him. Everyone should be attracted to him--women, men, dogs, cats--everyone. I haven't felt this way since I was a kid watching Sixteen Candles for the first time at a slumber party.

Jake Ryyyyyy-annnnnnn!!


  1. hahahaaa you put just the right amount of y's to invoke the oprah. dying. thanks for the boost of self esteem this am. i have to say that any girl who makes a beet recipe amusing is ok in my book. and my book is very small. and i'm channelling ee cummings with my typing lately due to the baby in one hand commenting.

    also, jake ryan still does it for me all these years later. i never want to google whoever played him and see old jake ryan.

  2. This was the perfect way to start my Friday Jenn, hip hip hooray!!

  3. How are you liking Invisalign so far? I'm scheduled to get buttons and my first set of trays next week!

    Love the leopard cardigan. Rawr indeed.

  4. Happy weekend!!! The Jake Ryan thing cracked me up, haha!

  5. Holy banana's you've had a full on week lady! I've never heard of the silicone plugs before, that's really banana's! hope it helps.
    So wishing we had Glee in Greece... i'm going to have to get the box set for now!

    Love the leopard cardi! Grrrrr!

    re: your comment, I sometimes let slip modern or classic cockney rhyming slang phrases in a sentence sometimes... 'I don't Adam & Eve it!'


  6. I think friday deserves a lot of fanfare - as does your leopard cardigan, which is awesome.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Those owl cookies are too cute! Ahh, Jake Ryan. <3

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  8. oh i love this post thanks for sharing x

  9. Love this post! This is so how I feel about Fridays too!

  10. Smile. You are one talented and creative host...I would love to come to dinner at your house. And those owl cookies are just precious! Thank you for sharing...here's to a beautiful weekend! You deserve it.

  11. So, I always read your Friday posts when the weekend is over....which sucks because I always wish it was Friday!!!

  12. I laughed big time with "Jake Ryyyy-aaann!"

  13. Me too - well, a hearty inward chuckle was had. Too funny.

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