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8 Easy Steps to a Perfect Sunday Brunch

I love my friends. I love food. And when both of these factors combine at a table, I am one happy gal. Yesterday, what started as a ladies' brunch evolved into a co-ed/co-kid all-day fun-fest. We all gathered around the table thinking we would never finish all the food in front of us, but by 8:30 pm, when our "brunch" was finally over, there wasn't a crumb left. We'd been sitting around grazing on breakfast all day long. If you've yet to carve out your Sunday plans, I highly recommend inviting some friends over and doing the same!

Our brunch group is here to offer some step-by-step instructions on creating a similar experience today...

1) Head to a bakery and pick up some deliciously buttery croissants. Don't forget to brew up a big pot of strong coffee...

2) Whip up some tasty quiches. Our group recommends tomato-basil or a hearty artichoke pie. These were baked (with love!) by our host's husband Dennis.

3) It's St. Patrick's Day this week, so we think some tasty Irish soda bread is in high order. 

4) Throw in just a few veggies and fruits to balance out the starch. I brought this spinach salad with apples, goat cheese, spiced pecans and maple-cider vinegar dressing. I got the recipe from Kendall's blog and owe her a world of thanks for the recommendation. 

5) Convince one of your friends to make her famous artichoke dip. You can always hit the gym later. 

6) Sop up the goodness with a loaf of crusty bread. No one wants to see you licking artichoke dip off your index finger.

7) Make sure and invite a friend who actually owns a pizzelle iron. They are dainty and delicious. 

8) Break out the bubbly! It's time to celebrate life, love, family, friends and weekends!

Follow these instructions to a tee, and you won't even miss that lost hour of sleep today.

Do you have brunch plans today?


  1. Sounds like the perfect plan for a fabulous brunch!!! I love when you get together with family & friends and the day just seems to get away from you.

  2. Hi!!!!! I LOVE Sunday brunch! And you might be the only other person I know that has a pizzelle iron! I thought I was the only one. Love your blog!!

  3. Perfect! That artichoke dip looks yummers!


  4. what a delicious spread! thank you for sharing this post and for stopping by my blog! have a great day.

  5. Yummm - looks delish. I used to have a good friend who made the best quiche. Well, I still have her we just don't live near each other so I rarely eat her quiche. I'd love to learn how to make a good one. Care to share Dennis' recipe??

  6. I've been wanting to host a brunch for the longest time. But I suppose I need to find a friend with a pizzelle iron first. Thank you for the awesome how-to though. I am determined to make it happen now.

  7. that sounds so delightful! I love quiche but I've got two egg-allergic men in my house that cannot eat it. OH how I need a brunch with girls! That looks so fun. And champagne? Oh, I'm there! Great job getting everyone to bring such amazing food. Hugs.

    P.s. I have tried out (sorta) for NFNS on youtube recently- didn't work out, but I would love to do it. Kinda scares me too...but if I ever do make it, we would have to meet up. I'm quite certain your my long lost twin:)