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My Top 10 Favorite NYC Shops for Foodies

I love food. I love shopping. And when these two passions combine, my wallet (and my waistband) better watch out. Here are my top 10 favorite food shops in my favorite place to eat--New York City.

North and West sides of Union Square Park
The holy grail of fruit and vegetable stands, everyone from the average home cook to Mario Batali shops at the Union Square Greenmarket every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for affordable and hard-to-find produce as well as freshly-baked breads, craft cheeses, gorgeous flowers and organic meats. This place is what NYC is all about.

Williamsburg waterfront between North 6th and North 7th Streets on the East River
This veritable food carnival was introduced in Williamsburg at the beginning of this summer and has grown in popularity each week as new vendors come on board. Come with an empty stomach and a stretchy waistband to sample some of the best eats NY has to offer from over 100 food vendors. My favorites were the Venezuelan papusas and the fresh donuts from Brooklyn's Dough bakery.

75 9th Avenue, between 15th and 16 Streets (Chelsea)
This collection of gourmet markets, bakeries, and small restaurants never gets old to me. Just the other day I took myself on a lunch date here and had an incredible chicken and basil crepe. My favorite stores are the Italian importer Buon Italia and oil-salt-vinegar wonderland The Filling Station. As if this place weren't great already, there's an Anthropologie inside too.

75 Spring Street (Soho)
Yes, I know this cooking supply store is a national chain, but I am absolutely powerless to its charms. I can wander around this place three times a week and still find myself coming home with something every time. I rave to everyone about their super affordable store-brand bakeware. Cookies never stick and the metal never stains. Amazing!!

2245 Broadway at 80th Street (Upper West Side)
This iconic store is mostly known for its stellar selection of bagels, smoked fish, caviar and cheeses. If you can't get there yourself, they also ship nationwide and offer great gift packages. The store is wonderful, but I must say I was pretty disappointed last time I stopped by their coffee shop for lox and a bagel. They were ready-made and refrigerated rather than made-to-order. No thanks!!

200 5th Avenue, Manhattan (Flatiron District)
Walking around Eataly is sensory overload--it is positively bursting at the seams with people, prosciutto, pizzas and pastas. This incredible Italian marketplace is pretty much always crowded, but its fine selection of cheeses, breads, cured meats, vegetables, pastries, wines, and gelatos is stellar and artfully displayed. It's only been around a year, but it's definitely a NYC must-see.

254 Bleecker Street (West Village)
Like cheese? Me too. Especially from Murray's--New York's oldest cheese shop. Yum, yum, gimme some.

59 Maiden Lane (Financial District)
I discovered this lower Manhattan gem of a market while working in the area. It's great for locals as it's a gourmet grocery store upstairs and a giant, incredibly cool-looking cafe downstairs. The fresh sushi is great as is the salad bar, which rivals Whole Foods in terms of quality and selection. Bonus: There's a great patio in the back and a smoothie/ bubble tea stand out front.

9) K&T Meat Market
3711 Broadway (Astoria, Queens)
FYI: This lil' piggy actually lives at Eataly:)
This Astoria butcher shop kicks it old school with sawdust-covered floors, grouchy butchers in stained aprons and a cashier who sits enclosed in what looks like a delapidated tollbooth. Growing up, my boyfriend would come here with his grandfather to buy hard-to-find Croatian sausages called cevapi. I come when I need freshly ground lamb for meatballs. This place makes me love New York more than I already do.

25-56 31st Street, Astoria, Queens
I live in Astoria, Queens which boasts the largest Greek population outside of Greece itself. Titan Foods is arguably the best Greek market in all of New York and the largest Greek retail specialty store in North America, with an outstanding selection of olives, cheese, olive oils, yogurt and baked goods. They have very few recognizable American name-brand foods as nearly everything is imported. If you're into food, it's definitely worth a short subway trip to Queens.


  1. this is awesome. but no shout out to any of the fairways?! they're awesome.

  2. You are totally right, Gabrielle. Fairway does belong on this list (especially for their olive oils!) There were definitely a few others I thought about adding too, but I just didn't have the space!

  3. I have been in NY couples time but only for a very short visit. Someday if I go back to NY and stay there for long enough I like to visit the places you mention above specially to Chelsea market and union square greenmarket:)

  4. I am so bookmarking this!!! Great post hun and i love the fact it's about food! Yay!
    Also, how cool is it that you're slap bang in the midst of Greek goodness! I swear if i ever come over i'd pile on the pounds... but who cares?!

  5. Thanks for sharing this list! I am sad to say that I have yet to visit many of these. Just not ok in my book! You've inspired me!

  6. Love Smorgasburg! Great list.

  7. You have an adorable blog! Makes me dream of my next trip to New York!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  8. Great list!! I LOVE the USQ Greenmarket and am bummed I don't live right around the corner anymore!

  9. One of everything in that cured pig display in the Eataly picture needs to be in my belly. Like right now.

  10. Woow, so much fantastic food! I wish I live there!

  11. A great list! I wish I could visit all of these today. Thank you for sharing your favorites. The food looks yummy and your words always make me smile. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, my sweet friend.

  12. Great post! I need to find great places like this in San Francisco!

    love from San Francisco,

  13. Just discovered your blog and am loving it! I just moved to New York from Sweden (living in Astoria, to be exact!) and love all of your city tips!

  14. Great post and blog, like it! :))