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Happy Weekend Y'all!!

Just an update to let you know I updated several pages on my blog. They were fun to write so I'm hoping they're fun to read. From now on you'll be able to learn more about:

New York City 
under the 
Must-See NYC section

My Recipes
complete with pictures for each dish.

This Gal
in the "About this blog" section. 

Peruse at your leisure, then kindly return to your pre-planned weekend activities. Thanks!!


  1. You are so my go-to gal for anything NYC, love your photography and foodie bits!

    Have a top weekend Jenn!

  2. I can not tell you how tickle I am that a British girl told me to have a "top weekend". That pretty much made my weekend:)

  3. Another Brit wishing you a good weekend (this time all the way from Spain). I think I found your blog via my fellow expat, the lovely @BritGreek ;-)
    Gorgeous blog; am now a follower.

  4. Jenn! You did such a great job organizing your stuff! I read each section and I've got to say, your photos for the NYC section are absolutely stunning! Your "about this gal" section was so adorable. And I love how you did the recipes with a picture for each. You've quite inspired me to get my blog organized better. My recipe section is a mess.

  5. Thanks Lauren! I've been meaning to organize forever. I'll have a NYC restaurant page coming soon too:)