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This Week's Delights

Happy Friday!

(I'm going to begin posting weekly round-ups to highlight the things that delighted me over the past week.)

*Overheard a 4-year-old debate the most efficient subway route with his nanny on the R train one morning. Kid was very convincing. 

*Joined a gym again! Feels good to burn off some energy and sweat it out to 90s classic "Rhythm is a Dancer" which my gym has apparently adopted as their theme song. 

*The fall bounty of produce is overflowing and features my absolute favorites...crisp apples and pears and creamy squashes and pumpkins. Can't wait to go apple-picking! 

* Two of my favorite food bloggers' recent entries in the Project Food Competition on Foodbuzz. Monet, who writes the blog, Anecdotes and Apples  created a gorgeous autumn-inspired vegetarian menu that literally made my mouth water and Lauren from Foodie House's chic table settings and incredible presentation were major inspiration for my next dinner party. 

* This woman's outfit. I totally appreciate the effort she took putting together this ladylike ensemble. And that little mink stole over her shoulder is just too much!

* I decorated my apartment for Halloween for the first time ever. Can't wait to show you the results next week! (This isn't it; I couldn't sleep with this thing flying overhead.)

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I am dying for a fake fur stole! I may just get one. Freak everyone in my office out.

    Happy weekend! x

  2. Thank you for saying such sweet things about my post...this made my evening! I so appreciated you listing the moments that brought you joy this week. It reminded me to do the same! We need to take more time to rejoice in all the beauty around us! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I can't wait to see your apartment. I'm sure its adorable.

  3. Hows adorable is your weekly roundup?! Great idea and great pictures :)

  4. Jenn, I just love your musings. It's so fun to talk about the "little stuff" which is really the stuff that makes our lives rich. That Halloween thing is hysterical and creepy! I couldn't sleep with that hangin' around either! Eww.

    Thank you so much for making a blurp about me on your blog! It makes me feel really, really good...and special. Hugs to you, Jenn-girl!

  5. I love your blog! It's so fun, and all the great stories, fun ideas, and recipes. Very entertaining! I am now, following your blog. I hope you will do the same!

  6. fantastic blog! i'm glad to have found your site, it's every reason why I miss the city!