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On a Winter's Day

You may have heard that we had a blizzard in NYC two weeks ago. Planes were grounded, travelers were stranded, and 500 poor people got stuck in a subway for 7 hours. In the spirit of accentuating the positive, I've chosen to show you some photos of the beautiful glittery powder still blanketing Central Park in lieu of the five-foot pyramids of pre-Christmas garbage that still line the streets in front of my house.  Mayor Bloomberg--you sir, are welcome.

My boyfriend and I traipsed through the park this weekend with our cameras, and it's amazing how different it looks covered in snow. I had a hard time finding spots I usually can get to without thinking.

We fantasized about living in this house in the middle of the park. We'd sit on the porch and shake our canes yelling, "Hey you kids! Get off of our lawn!" We are so amusing. At least to each other.

I recently saw a new PETA campaign to try and stop horse carriage rides in Central Park, with the really grating girl from Glee as the spokesperson. Don't stop believin', Lea Michele.

The little birdies--the poor ones who didn't have enough travel miles to get to Florida for the winter--were freezing in the banks of snow. 

As were the ducks.

and the dudes...

Even the statues were feeling the chill.

We headed toward Wollman rink, figuring there might be some hot drinks for sale. Man, you know you're in New York City when you pay eight bucks for two small cups of apple cider. 

And are charged a $5 "spectator fee" for hanging out at the skating rink. I mean, have you evah?

At least the music was free.

And the people-watching.

And the view, which is always the best deal in town. Unless, of course, you live in Queens and your garbage hasn't been picked up for two weeks. 


  1. Stop it. You did not fork over $8 bucks?!?! And yes, the mayor owes you big time. If I had been stuck in a subway for 7 hours...I would not a gallon of vodka to soothe my claustrophobic nerves.

  2. i love your photots.

    And cannot believe they can charge $5 to stand!