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Party Idea: The Ice Cream Social

You guys, I was really bad last weekend. I had four bowls of ice cream, a cake pop, a cookie dough truffle, a handful of raspberry M&Ms and a mini chocolate brownie pudding thingy. I felt like ralphing. 

It was really fun though. 

My friend Tara gave me the ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid at my shower in September. My friends are all very smart, and they reacted in the most logical way possible. They gave her a round of applause. A few other gal-pals have the ice cream maker too, so we decided it'd be a great idea to have a party where we'd each create a different batch and sample the wares.

It was a great excuse to pull out all the other pretty stuff I was gifted at my shower. I left the dudes off the invitation for a reason. I used dainty little dishes so we didn't gorge on huge portions.

Ice Cream Social Dessert Tasting Menu

Diana's vanilla ice cream with nutella and rocher chocolates

 brownie puddings topped with Bailey's ice cream

rosewater ice cream with mini baklava

Jen W.'s vegan/gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough truffles &
Irish-coffee cake pops (with chocolate-whiskey cake, semi-sweet shell,
Jameson hard sauce cap and a chocolate-covered espresso bean)

The ladies in my living room/kitchen. Typical NYC entertaining includes needing to rearrange the whole layout and dragging in patio furniture.

My friend Jen sells her delicious vegan/gluten-free cake pops and other treats and is constantly introducing new flavors. And trust me when I say you don't have to eat vegan or gluten-free to enjoy them--they're incredible! Check out Moonface and Wally for ordering info.

I'm still looking for new flavors to make in my ice cream maker. What's your dream cream?


  1. Looks like a wonderful party. (Hope you played Billie Holiday in the background...I love him!)

  2. Haha--so glad you got the Clueless reference Julie. You're good people!